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Lady in wool

I can hardly wait to see her finished. Months, people, months in the making of this doll and she is almost ready to smile at me. Will she smile? Will she cry? Will she want to stay with me forever?

My wool sculpture art doll is finally getting clothes on. I still have a few surprises for you, but wanted to show her before she gets "dressed" in her skin tone. Her hair is wool weft, not mohair or yak. I found it so fitting that she is made of wool, including her hair. Her name is Cygnet and she is a fully posable doll due to an inner core that allows her to stand, sit, bend her knees, her arms, etc. She is 16" tall approximately but the daintiest thing you have ever seen. More on her next week.

Amaranto y Anis

The birth of a doll