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Mackenzie and Blair, two fatty babies ready for play.

Mackenzie and Blair, two fatty babies ready for play.

Let me present you the two little bundles of wool and joy that I have had the pleasure of playing with. But since I like to share, now it's your turn to bring one home. 

Mackenzie and Blair, two natural fiber art dolls ready for play. By Fig and Me.

I was having such a hard time naming these babies. All sorts of fungus-inspired names were coming to me, then forest names, then elvish names. But they turned up their nose at everything. 

In a joking way I started calling the red head "My little Mackenzie" (seeing as I am obsessed watching Outlander lately) and lo and behold, she had the widest smile every time I called her like that, so Mackenzie it is. I think it actually suits her personality and I have never made a Mackenzie before so we are both happy.

Now, the other rascal, seeing as her baby sister got a scottish name, she pleaded for one too. She decided on Blair. Around this neck of the woods the dolls not only choose clothes and hair colours and all that, they also get to pick their names. They are spoiled rotten. 

Blair, a natural cloth art doll by Fig and Me.

Mackenzie playing outside with the wind tossing leaves, by Fig and Me. 

We gave them a very long bath, with some oats and lavender oil. Then we patted them dry so well with nice fluffy white towels. We slowly brushed their hair, softly and gently, to untangle their messes, and gave them so many pecks and kisses they both started to giggle.

Once cleaned and dry, I rubbed them with a nice blend of baby cream (it has a little bit of honey in it so they smell quite delicious). I rubbed their toes, and their knees and the back of their legs. Gave them a real good massage.

Then we lathered their tummies all up, and their backs. Their chubby necks and their arms too. I must confess, I did tickle them. I think it is very frowned upon to tickle babies but I just can't help myself and since the baby police is not around (their grandmother) I tickle them here and I tickled them there.

Baby Blair, taking a dose of sunshine. By Fig and Me.

Once we put on diapers and booties, we decided to head outside for a little bit of sunshine. I was hesitant because it seemed a bit windy but these two rascals didn't care. They sat on their blanket and they played with their thumbs, they tried desperately to pull each other's hair and had quite a few belly-laughs. I love having babies around, I truly do. 

But we had to come inside. Vitamin D and all it is October, and so the plein air sunshine baths must be restrained to only a few minutes. I snuggled them all up in this beautiful blanket and brought them into my bedroom where I proceeded to dress them. Oh so very slowly, while telling them all sorts of stories and yes…perhaps with a bit more tickling involved.

Baby Mackenzie, playing with her sister Blair. BY Fig and Me.

I normally like to dress my babies in loads and loads of knits. But seeing as the knitting-queue is nightmarish, we decided to sew for them with knits instead. I think this was a brilliant choice because they really like tiny gauge stuff and sadly my hands have a predilection for the 3,75mm needles.

The first thing I made for them was boots. Somehow I love to always put shoes on babies first. We had two prototypes before we discovered the shape that hugs their little feet and chubby ankles without perturbing blood circulation. Most important.

Mackenzie got her merino boots with a felted patch for soles. I love the thick ribbing on hers, I truly do. Blair decided for cashmere boots, with lambswool soles. Nothing but the best for my babies.

My babies wearing merino and cashmere, as usual. By Fig and me. 

I was offering all sorts of browns and rusty colours but they both immediately went for the grey. Sometimes I wonder how the dolls knows exactly what will go best for them, but I suppose all I have to do is take it slow when I am sewing. 

I had this idea of giving them overalls. I got two heads shaking side to side. Dresses? I offered. Mutual consent. So we drafted a simple raglan-sleeve dress with a pronounced A-line (I dare to say, to accommodate the fat bums!), added collar, big over-sized pockets, centre-front buttons and a big and loud flounce at the hem. 

Since Poet happened, I really love to do this added flouncy thing. I like running my fingers over the raw edge and feeling all those dolly gathers. Blair and Mackenzie are super happy though, because theirs is even squishier than usual.

Baby Mackenzie, by Fig and Me. 

Baby Blair, by Fig and Me. 

I don't know if you have noticed, but since the day I started making dolls, I have *this* thing with hats. I love children in hats, I love wearing hats, my children had to wear hats ALWAYS, and the dolls therefore get quite pampered with head-gear often enough. 

Both their hats are *supposed* to be toadstools. At least that was the intention of mine, but somewhere along the line they went from "toadstool hat wearing children" to "beret and tam wearing babies". I don't fight these things anymore, though it used to upset me. I just go with the flow. 

Knitted collars were a must. Those rosy cheeks and tiny necks must be protected from the peppy winds, so went for vintage virgin wool boucle for Mackenzie and hand-dyed merino for Blair. 

Mackenzie wearing her lambswool hat and virgin wool boucle knitted collar. By Fig and Me. 

Blair wearing all her cashmere and wool clothes, by Fig and Me. 

Now, as promised, I am willing to share these fat babies with you. Should you be looking for a little bundle of love to take care of, these were born for such a thing. They are both almost 11" tall (hard to measure babies with sempiternal bent legs!), they are weighted glass beads contained in felt in their torso. They are made with cotton fabric and stuffed with wool, their hair is mohair yarn, their faces are embroidered and their freckles hand-painted. They have sewn-in snaps and buttons, so they are not recommended for children under 5. They are wittle, playful and full of charm and I hope they bring as much joy into your life as they brought into mine.

If you would like to bring Mackenzie or Blair home, just enter your details in the form below. You can enter for both but you will only be chosen for one. I will leave the form open until tomorrow Thursday at Noon EDT, at which point I will select two names at random and proceed to invoice them via Paypal. The invoice is payable then. Their price is $495 USD plus postage ($28 US, $32 Canada, $40 International). Please only enter if you are personally interested in bringing one of them home, and not on behalf of somebody else. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE LOVE THESE TWO CHUBBERS RECEIVED. IT SEEMS YOU ALL LOVE LITTLE FAT BABIES AS MUCH AS ME!. MACKENZIE AND BLAIR HAVE CHOSEN HOMES, and if all goes well they should be heading that way real soon. Thank you once more for offering your homes to them! xo Fabs

Baby Mackenzie, by Fig and Me. 

Baby Blair, by Fig and Me. 

So there you have it. I am so excited about making these little babies, and hope that they are welcomed with open arms. Don't forget to give them baths and take them outside, where they truly are happier. 

Thank you for coming to read my stories, see my wool babies and for your unending support.  

Woodland doll ears for everybody…and some new wands.

Woodland doll ears for everybody…and some new wands.

Wittle babies.

Wittle babies.