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A not so white wardrobe

Beautiful details on Cygnet's clothing, a Mannikin style doll by Fig and me.

When she woke up she already had clothes of her very own. She seemed surprised and liked the fact that "almost" everything is off-white. My little swan in the making. 

Knitted doll clothes for a little swan, by Fig and me. An alpaca overskirt, design tulle petticoat, pin tuck top with lace detail and her silk shoes with vintage glass buttons.

Her tulle pettiskirt, her silk alpaca overskirt, her cotton batiste top, her little shoes (!!) with glass buttons. She spent time passing her hands over her new wardrobe and I am almost sure I saw her glance back at the crumpled linen pinafore and bloomers of yesterday. Was she too surprised to see the difference? Was she overwhelmed by what the faeries gave her? Is she too humble to wear such clothing? 

Cygnet, a Mannikin (wool sculpture) doll by Fig and me, in her dainty new clothes.

Cygnet, a Mannikin (wool sculpture) doll by Fig and me, in her dainty new clothes.

I guess I will have to make her a second set of clothes...but shhhh! don't tell her. It will be her surprise for tomorrow. 

As mentioned in the last newsletter, Cygnet will be available for purchase via auction tomorrow. Details and link when everything is ready. Thank you for not spoiling the surprise for Cygnet!.

PS. Cygnet was the first Mannikin doll, if you want to see the ladies that followed her, head over here: Mannikin dolls. Thank you.

Cygnet, a natural art doll

A little doll