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The sickly child.

Jose, the sickly child, by Fig&me

Poor Little Jose, he is such a sickly child! Beatrice takes such good care of him though, mends his boo-boos, slings his arms, places loving bandages wherever they are needed.

Little Jose, by Fig&me

Jose is Beatrice's little friend. Unfortunately for him, he is always tripping about, falling off trees, has a constant fever, and needs loads of cuddling. Beatrice is always at the ready, with nasty syrup for his aching lungs and even cod liver oil. 

Poor little Jose, by Fig&me

So many boo-boos! by Fig&me

Oh yes, I can see Beatrice, I can see all the many boo-boos he has, scars left behind for sure. And what's that? Oh now he has a tummy ache. Poor little fella. Good thing she has you, little one, to take care of him. Blue lips from sour stomach? or from drinking those nasty medicines you are giving him? Probably we will never know. Oh! They are from the sickness. I see. 

A gingham sling for your sore arm, by Fig&me

Little wool felt band-aid, by Fig&me

Little Jose, by Fig&me

Back in February, I told you I was designing a new doll for me. Jose is the first prototype. He belongs to Beatrice because she fell in love with his many boo-boos (only decorative, there is really nothing wrong with him, he is a hypochondriac). Jose measures about 14" tall, and is a mix of different patterns really. A little cloth fig, a bit figlette, a bit chubby like the babies. His proportions belong to a younger child, still quite chubby and tubby and full of mischief. His legs are string jointed, and future dolls will have string jointed arms as well. I still need to play a little bit more with this design and then I can show you what I really have in mind. I have a new name for these dolls, and they are very child friendly. The most exciting part of constructing this doll, other than playing with the "sickness" and the "blue" lips, was his hair. These dolls will have fabric hair (just like the cloth figs) except finished with seams instead of artistically draped over. They have beautiful round heads, which the fabric really accentuates. I am falling more and more in love with them. 

So, I need to go and make sure Beatrice is not sticking the thermometer in Jose for the tenth time today…or worst, trying to give him yet another injection. That girl!. 

p.s. why is it that I tried so very hard to make him look sour, yet he still looks a bit too jolly?

Where is he?

Baby Lou and her wooden cradle.