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My Children of the Steppe, Kismet dolls

Well, they are still here with me. A bit of a kerfuffle happened with these sweet little ones, and unfortunately they won't be able to go and play with all those little kids that I made them for. As I have mentioned before, I created these two dolls as a custom order for a preschool, and the person in charge seems to be unable to provide payment for them, so I thought it would be wise to let somebody else have the opportunity to welcome them in their home.

After a very long wait, and a lot of uncertainty, I decided I shouldn't keep them. I have thought long and hard what would be the best way to offer them, since they were created as a set, and it breaks my heart to not only part with them, but to split them up. Monkhbat loves his sister, and I can't bear to send them to separate homes, but I also understand that that might happen in the end. But, for now, I will offer them here, as kismet dolls in a set.

These two dolls are offered to those with no Fig&me dolls in their homes, so if you think you would like to give them a place to belong to and bring some ethnic flavour into your doll play, by all means leave your name and email address (so I can contact you when the time is due), and I will select a person on Monday March 26th at 9:00 AM EST. Their price is $530 USD plus shipping charges. You will be buying both dolls. They come with the clothes pictured, a top made of woven fabric with chinese ball buttons, wool pants, wool boots, and their wool and fur hats. They are 16" tall, and made of all natural materials. They are suitable for children 4+.

Good luck not only to those who express the wish to bring them home, but also to these sweet dolls. I hope that they find the home they belong to, even though their road was a bit shaky at the beginning, I am sure that things happen for a reason, and they were somehow meant for someone else!. See you on Monday.

I just notified the selected person. If all goes well these two will start their journey to their new home very soon. 

I am so touched by all your entries. You all took time to do research on them, their culture and I know that they touched you deeply, and that for some of you they have already been the source of inspiration. Thank you kindly for taking time out of your life to write me, and to really consider wether these two had a place in your home. On this end of the line, there is a very happy dollmaker that is finally able to breath deeply, knowing that these kiddos have a home, and that her work inspires others in such positive ways. Thank you.

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