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Soft and cuddly

That is the perfect way to describe these little munchkins. Small too! Perfect for chubby little hands to tot around, to squeeze, nibble, smell, munch, and smudge on. I wanted to show you what the deuce are the carrot babies, as I have gotten so many questions, and with the lack of time to answer I decided to show them here too.

Carrot babies are the perfect Easter treat for your dolls or your wee ones. They measure about 4,5 inches from to of head to bottom, and they have super whimsical wool hats. Some will have faces, some won't. Some will have added leaves or sprouts, some just their carrot top. They are stuffed with wool and made with repurposed cashmere, so they are as soft as can be.

I will have a few carrot babies, plus the rest of the wee bunnies tonight at 10:00 PM eastern. The carrot babies cost $25 plus shipping charges, and the bunnies cost $48 plus shipping as well. If you already took a bunny home this  morning I kindly request that you give others the chance to do so as well. The vast majority of the carrot babies will be available tomorrow night at 10:00 PM eastern.

And this weekend I have something special. Kismet dolls!(dolls available comment-style to people with no Fig&me dolls in their homes). I hope you can come and visit, or maybe take a bunny or a carrot baby home with you.

PS...Can you see how happy Eva is with those soft toys? the poor thing thinks they are for her! I don't have the heart to tell her yet, and I do have time to make some for her. Oh! how she twists my heart strings!!

My Children of the Steppe, Kismet dolls

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