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Fall Dots

This is Celina in her somewhat "Fall outfit". And I say somewhat because hard as I try my hands keep turning everything into Spring. See? I chose two different shades of grey for her top, one had white flowers and the other one white pin dots. Corduroy screams Fall, right? but then...I chose baby-whale corduroy in a pretty pink.

She mentioned she loved the boots the best. Those are made with alpaca and she said her feet are very "toes-ty". I took her for a little walk this morning, we got to see some crazy chipmunks, and enjoy the super nice weather we are enjoying thanks to global warming. She asked me why she was wearing a Fall outfit on the first day of Spring. I told her to be quiet, otherwise she wouldn't get to hear the birds chirping and the sound of the waves coming from the lake.

When we got home I was telling her a few things about the lady that is waiting for her to come and play with her. She asked me many questions. Many questions. She is very curious you know? As soon as I mentioned that her soon-to-be Mom is a knitter, she immediately requested to learn to knit. A bit competitive, perhaps? Either way, she made a royal mess with the wool but I think she is getting the hang of it. We started her with a knitting nancy, next on the list: flat needles. Wish me luck with this one, I fear I am a most terrible teacher!.

Soft and cuddly

Three little kittens