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Three little kittens

Aha! these ones had NO mittens! I am just giggling over here because a while ago I took a book out of the library and it had tons of poems, and I used to read this one to my girls while Dad cooked us dinner. Yup. My husband cooks most dinners in this house and I know I am lucky. Anyways, I digress.

These three little dollies are already on their way to a birthday bash. I hope they get to eat some cake for goodness sakes. I am crossing my fingers and my toes and wishing the birthday girl all her birthday wishes to come true. She probably wants silly things that her sweet Mama must have to deal with, but I am happy that at least I got to contribute a little with some of the birthday fun.

And how fun is it that when you have a little sister with a birthday, you get a doll too? You and your other sister? totally rocks! Their mom is very thoughtful and knew they all had to get new dolls, so I was more than happy to oblige. Funny thing is back in 2008, I made these girls a doll each for Christmas. Back then I didn't even had the proper supplies for this kind of dollmaking, my dolls were 18" tall, and wore mostly up-cycled clothing. I barely knew how to sew and crochet, and I certainly didn't know how to knit. Their dolls were very softly stuffed and their hair sewn in. Sometimes I look with utter disbelief at the first dolls I made and I can't quite grasp the fact that people loved them, and that almost four years later I am still making dolls and I have grown so much. I owe it all to people like them, who trusted my hands to make toys for their children, and who have encouraged me all these years with their kind words and their support.

It has been quite a long learning journey. I am still learning all the time. New pattern pieces that tickle my curiosity, new fabrics that need to be handled differently, new doll styles that challenge me to invest more time in pattern making, new requests that take me out of my comfort zone, new dollmakers that bring fresh air with their own ideas and inspire me greatly, a new lens that requires I devote more time to fiddle with my camera, and so on. I always look back, numb, grinning, and knowing every single little step that I took to get where I am, although I still can't believe it, I am dollmaker. And a busy one, so now I am going to go and sew some wee bunnies if you excuse me. Thank you for coming!

Fall Dots

For the love of collars