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For the love of collars

I know, I know, you are all waiting to find out when will the wee bunnies be available, but I am very sad to inform that I completely underestimated my children's voracious hunger and love for reading during their Spring break, so I didn't accomplish much in that regard this week. However, there will be bunnies. Lots. And those will be available mid week. Update will be announced and will happen over here.

Now, what I really wanted to show you today is the current love affair I have with collars. Since my obsession with the Peter Pan option, I have now increased my repertoire to several different kinds. I don't really know their names, but they sure look pretty, don't they? I think that adding a collar to a top, dress or  blouse just brings it to another level and it adds a certain charm to the doll clothes. I am enraptured. Can you also see that I am really looking forward to Spring? lots of pretty flowers are gracing my clothes lately.

These linen clothes belong to three little dolls I am working on as a custom order for three little sisters. I can't wait to show you how they all look in their new clothes, and I am really excited to pack them all up and send them to their home, where one of them will be the birthday present of a little wee one. Oh! I seriously can't wait for them to receive these dolls! I get so giddy and excited just imagining them opening the box, and touching the fabrics and playing with their new dolls. So I am off to work some more on them and I will have photos of them soon I promise.

Three little kittens

A birthday doll