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A birthday doll

I wanted to let you know how this sweet lady came to be, because it really is a wonderful story. A while ago I got an email from a person wanting to know how to go about buying a doll from me. This is not unusual at all, as I do get questions like that all the time. The randomness availability of the dolls I create, plus my scattered brain, makes it a bit confusing if not annoying to a lot of my customers. Or customers to be. Also, I do not have a Facebook page where everybody can get immediate answers and all that jazz, so  I answer questions like this on a weekly basis.

Now, the part that made me chuckle, was not the question, but the fact that it was asked by a man. I have never sold a doll to a Dad or husband before. This was my first time communicating with a male counterpart in what came to be a series of emails, back and forth, to surprise his wife with a birthday present. A special birthday he wanted to commemorate with a doll as a present to his wife. The children got involved I presume in some little digging around, to figure out what kind of doll she would like. The entire thing was very light-hearted and amusing to me. I had thoughts of my own husband trying to figure out what to get me for a special birthday, and smiled many times thinking of my own family "conspiring" behind my back to get me something I wanted.

Even though I am not taking any new custom doll requests at the moment, I took this one. I just couldn't refuse to be part of their little scheme, and birthdays do get to me. Wether is a 5 year old, a 12 year old or an ehem...much, much older person. That is how this sweet doll, Celina, came to be created from my hands, inspired by the love that a family has for their mom and wife. I wanted to commemorate with this doll this moment in time, for her to remember, for her to realize how lucky she is to have those she has around her. She is loved and her passion for handmade dolls is acknowledged, welcomed and celebrated.

Now Celina is not only special for these reasons, but also because she is the first ever Figlette I have made as a custom order. I originally didn't want to create this kind of dolls as customs because of what they entail. I spoke of my uncertainty and anxiety about creating her with the person in question, but felt up for the challenge. Sometimes my customers, through special requests, do push me to create things out of my comfort zone, if only because of my insecurities and fears of "I can't possibly do that and make it happen".

Given the fact that Celina is for an adult and has been created from the beginning with this idea in mind, I have had kind of free-reign about what to make for her. I am finding myself very interested in how this process has been different from my other custom dolls, and have realized a few things about how I work, and about my dolls. All things good to know.

Now, don't you start getting all your husbands and Dads writing me letters, because I won't be able to refuse and I will just get sick from working day and night, OK? Off to play with the dolls for a little bit. See you soon.

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