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Flutters in the air

Oh yes! Today we have had the most glorious Sunday. Hot, not warm, hot. The snow pit pats and melts away and my sewing machine cranks out things like these. Dotty goodness. Flutter sleeves. Linen rompers.

If only Spring would hurry up already! the lady sporting this cute outfit is a custom doll I am working on. She is quite special and enigmatic. I will show you more about her as the week progresses. I am very excited to let you know how she came to be, and what kind of sweet doll she is.

And, at the end of the week there should be a cute, cute, cute update of Wee Bunnies and easter treats for your baskets. So stay tuned. My children are officially on Spring break so there will be lots of giggles and squeezes put into your sweet bunnies. Cant wait to have them all around romping about. See you soon!

A birthday doll

Katerina Pintuckova and Vanya the Bear