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Katerina Pintuckova and Vanya the Bear

Here they are. Ready to meet you!
I am so excited and nervous and jittery to finally be able to see Katerina in her attire, to realize one of many dreams, to bring another sweet doll to life. Although I have shown previous pictures of her, and told you about her character many times, I almost feel like she needs a proper introduction.

Katerina Pintuckova, whom we lovingly call "Katya", is a Figlette doll made by me. She is 21 inches (53 cms) tall, and is full of mischief, dreams and tricks. She loves to come up with adventures for her sweet medveshonok to join in, and is always getting herself in trouble. She adores her sweet linen bear Vanya, and there is not a moment of the day when you can't see them together. Trusted sidekick he is.

Katerina would love to find a home to bring her mischief and smiles to. She promised me she won't ever get her hands in the flour bin before asking first, and that she would also "almost always and forever never" use Vanya as a bear-torpedo (they were pretending to be in the circus and Vanya was the chosen "bear-canon ball"!). Katerina is adorable, sweet and kind, and has a brilliant head full of games and adventures to be lived. I wish she finds a home that welcomes this kind of lady, and that she makes someone as happy as she has made me already.

Katerina is a doll designed for a much older child. One that can pretend to be the "older" brother or sister. Or a playful adult, that welcomes the childish joy of playing with dolls. I recommend this doll for a child 8+ for several reasons. Her outfits are full of little details that only an older child would appreciate; her clothes don't open fully on the back, and so they require a lot more dexterity to clothe her. Katerina is stuffed firmly with wool, but there is a lot of mobility to her limbs so this is no hard task, but yet, a small child won't be able to play with her freely. There also a gazillion buttons that pose choking hazards, some of them are vintage glass that require gentle play and handling.

Having said that, let me now explain what she comes with. Katerina has two outfits. One of them is a long top with pintucks on front and glass buttons, with a coordinating set of pants made of cotton. This outfit comes with a pair of wool boots, a cardigan and a set of ear muffs (stuffed also with wool). Her second "fancy" outfit is a romper-style jumpsuit, with long sleeves, elastic on legs, and school house collar. It has a linen bow and closes on back with a handmade button loop. This outfit is made of linen, that I dyed with tea to give it a more aged look. Vanya is made with this same fabric, plus cotton chenille and an off-white linen. He is stuffed very firmly with wool, is button-jointed for mobility,  and has a linen/polka dot cloak, adorned with several wooden buttons. Katerina also has a party hat, made of coordinating fabric and long twill tape ties, adorned with cotton lace. She is also wearing underpants, but refused to be taken a photo just wearing those. We certainly respect her wishes. Katerina is also the last doll made in the Timeless Travel collection.

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Sorry it took forever (a little girl insisted on several glasses of water and a belly rub), but I just emailed the selected person. Please check your email :-) I will wait for this person to answer me back and if all goes well Katya and her sweet Vanya should be going home next week. If there is a glitch however then I will select another person from those interested and contact them. Hopefully though everything will go smoothly.
Thank you so much to everybody that expressed their interest in opening their doors to this doll and her bear. I am very grateful for your interest and your passion about my dolls. I love them just as much and I hope very soon I can send one to each of your homes.
Good night!

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