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Our adventure

She woke up. Dressed herself. Dressed her bear. And off they went.
What shall we do today? they asked each other.
We should run away with the Circus!, exclaimed Katerina.

I shall be the ringmaster. And take many vows before the public.
You should be my trained bear, my precious medveshonok.
And I shall teach you many tricks that will marvel our audience, and grant you lots of claps and hurrahs!

Vanya agreed silently, as he always does. Donning his cloak he thought they should maybe pack some lunch. It was turning to be quite an adventurous day, and knowing Katerina he thought of a meal-less trip and shudder. How would he be able to concentrate and learn those many tricks with an empty stomach? And somebody should ought to tell her she doesn't look much of a ringmaster but a sweet clown. Better not to crush her spirits and tag along.

Katerina is always dreaming big adventures such as this one. And her sweet medveshonok (as she calls her little bear in russian) is a good sport. Today they want to run away with the circus, be part of a long caravan of talented wanderers and God knows what they will want to do tomorrow. Mad scientists. Painters by the side of the Seine. Snake charmers. Indian princess and faithful warrior. Once I caught them red-handed with flour all over their faces, pretending to be pizza makers.  These two are full of trouble.

Katerina Pintuckova and Vanya the Bear

Brief interruption