Brief interruption

Interrupting the broadcast to bring you this overload of cute. Katerina and her best pal Vanya the Bear are just inseparable. And the worst kind of troublemakers. I don't want to tattle-tale but suffice to say these two get into lots of trouble. Buyer beware.

I am in deep trouble. Deep trouble.
Will I ever be ready to say good-bye to this doll? How will I bring myself to let her go? This is hard people. Hard stuff. No point in thinking the *unthinkable* just yet, there is still stuff to be made so I am still having fun with her. And I am sharing. At least in photos for now. Eva and I are trying hard to convince her to stay but she just told us her big plans. Which I will share with you tomorrow.
Posted on March 6, 2012 and filed under collections2012, doll clothes, dollmaking, figlette, timeless travel.