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Katerina's dream

I just couldn't wait to show you my sweet Katerina. Eva and I had to go and wake her up, she is such a sleepy head. She opens her eyes in the most dreamy way, and looks at you with flushed cheeks, full of dreams and bedtime coziness.

Nevertheless, it was time to wake her up. Eva was very excited and wanted to play right away. It took Katerina a couple of minutes to finally be ready for a little early-morning photo shoot. I think she is quite stunning when she wakes up.

Eva insisted we did something with her hair. I like the way it looks so tousled, a little crimped here and there, but we gave her a pink bow. She loves little hair bows and was very happy she got one.

Katerina is waiting for the rest of her clothes to be finished and a for some pretty special extras I am making for her. In the mean time, Eva and I will play with her and keep her entertained. Please come and visit her often, it won't be long before she is ready for her comment-style sale and the beginning of her traveling adventures.

Brief interruption

Can you hear the snow?