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Can you hear the snow?

Can you hear the snow?
Oh yes, this morning I can.
When I step out of the Ger, all I can hear is the snow falling down.
This morning I can.

The snowflakes dance on my nose, they twinkle my hair,
they fill me with love.

Love for this Earth, that I have chosen as home.
Love for my Father, my Mother, my Elders, my sister.
Love for our animals, that help us and take care of us.
Love for the stars, that map out our way.

The snow is falling down, like always. 
Like forever.
The same way my sister laughs when you give her goat's milk.
The same way Mothers have always loved their children,
and Fathers and Elders protect them.

Today I can hear the snow falling.
And I laugh and I play and I rejoice.
Tonight I will sleep and forget all about it, but the love,
and the stars, and the sky will be there.
For me. Tomorrow. Like Always. 
Like forever.
Like my name.

a Poem by Mönkhbat
A boy with eternal firmity, and love for his sister.

Katerina's dream

From the steppes of Mongolia