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From the steppes of Mongolia

I bring you Mönkhbat and his little sister Mönkhtsetseg. These last few days I have gotten to know them better, although I have had them in my head for quite some time.

You see, these two are very lucky little dolls. They are meant for a preschool and they will teach a lot of new things to the children that play in there. They for example can learn that their names mean "Eternal Firmity" for Mönkhbat and "Eternal Flower", for Mönkhtsetseg, which will give them just one more word: "mönkh" means eternal or forever. This word unites them not only through their name, but they will hopefully be together forever, as they were created at the same time, by the same hands.

They do have a sweet story that needs to be told, and I am working on it. Hoping that this will spark the children's imagination and help them welcome their new dolls with a lot of love. The last little details of their wardrobe are also taking place. Their gutals (pointy boots), have given me a lot of trouble, and perhaps I need to come up with a simpler version. Their hats are so big and puffy, and they also need pyjamas, since the children are playing a lot putting their dolls to bed, and we cannot send them on their way without their night clothes. So, I will leave you with Mönkhsetseg's pretty face and I am off to work more on them. They are very fun, and are giving me a lot of joy today. How about you?

Can you hear the snow?

Let the good times roll...