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Let the good times roll...

Oh yeah! That's what I am listening to, as I sip my cup of coffee and contemplate today's list of activities. Wrapping cozy sweaters for crazy-lucky dolls out there, soon to be posted on their way home. Wrapping Venezia and London for their travels as well. Ouch. That one might take me just a wee bit longer as I like to say good-bye and usually it takes me a day or two to do so. One has to be in the right spirit to say good-bye to a doll which one has worked on for so many hours.

I know these are the last "big" dolls in the collection and I had so much fun making all these cuties with the travel theme, but I am also looking forward to change and Spring and new inspiration.

But, first I have a few custom orders to be finished. And those are, so very good! the pair I am working on has tickled my curiosity and has made me travel, if only in my dreams, to distant lands. I am liking what is coming out of my hands, these two dolls, a brother and sister, with somewhat ethnic clothes and their asian heritage. Pics soon I promise.

Also, I just started my next Figlette. Yup. There is a new lady in the works, and she will be available here comment-style somewhere at the end of next week I hope. She will very likely be the same size as Tati, 21" that is, and she has a lot of stuff. Well, she will have a lot of stuff as at the moment I have just started and there is nothing finished to show just yet. She is a eastern european lady, with soft locks of mohair. I giggle just thinking of her clothes and her personality. I think you all are going to love her.

For now, as we prepare for the weekend and hopefully some mild skiing, I will get back to working on my sweet brother and sister, and to say good-bye to the ladies in these pictures. I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

From the steppes of Mongolia

Almost there...