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Almost there...

I feel like I have said this to myself a lot lately. I am almost there. With these two dolls anyways. But not quite. As of course they still need their shoes, buttons and what not. Always the "what nots" are the things that take me the longest time, but that always come to me in spurts of last minute creative efforts. Always fun to watch too.

London finally decided she was ready to be seen. We encouraged her to smile to the camera and to not be so shy. Her beauty had to be shared. She giggled, and let me snap a few photos of her today, and I hope she is in the same mood tomorrow, when I can hopefully say: I am finished. Her hair is so pretty, it has so many wisps of lighter wool in it, and it is very soft too.

Final outfit photos will be posted tomorrow morning (ish) and then, I plan on listing them again at night, since it is the time of the day where I can actually sit down and write about me dollies. SO tomorrow at 10:00 PM you will have these two, Venezia and London ready to meet their new families. One more doll in this collection, and she is a sweet one too, a Figlette. Then I have an "in between" collections doll, she will be part Timeless Travel and part my new vibe. I just thought of the name for this new collection and I think I need therapy.

I almost forgot, I will have a small sale of cardigans tonight at 9:00 PM eastern. A local knitter has been most gracious with me and is helping me downsize my ginormeous yarn collection, by using my knitting patterns. Which means that since these patterns have been thoroughly tested with several different yarns, now they will be available for sale pretty soon in PDF format. If I can only sit down for a little longer and write them in normal english. Anyways, tonight I will have about 6 cardigans ($29 USD) and 2 baby jackets ($34 USD) available in the store, and tomorrow the dolls. There are some photos of the cardigans in the gallery so check those out. Oh boy! the winter seems to be flying by and all I can think about now is Spring. When will it be here?

Let the good times roll...