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Having way too much fun with the traveling collection. Only four more dolls left before I switch to the next one. Exciting! I wanted to come and show you a little sneak peek at one of the ladies I have been working on. Her name is Venezia, and she is not shy at all. Her sister London is the exact opposite. So much that I just couldn't snap a photo of her, she would blush so red and feel so uncomfortable that I felt sorry for the poor thing. For now, I am letting her be and perhaps I will introduce her to you later on.

This munchkin on the other hand is quite outgoing, loud and happy. She is all about laughing and living hard. She has two outfits, of course, and this is just part of one. She has a pretty jacket, shoes, and also another set of "gondolier" clothes, the more traditional striped shirt with blue linen pants. Cant wait to show you!

I am leaving tomorrow and won't be back for a few days, so these ladies will wait patiently until I get back. Then perhaps London will make an appearance with her pretty outfit. I used a gorgeous print of Karel Capek for her top, but for now I am off to pack my little bag, my new shoes, and my shopping list. Fun times ahead of me! See you when I get back.

Almost there...

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