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New sewing adventures

I have been working on a rather secret project, and this weekend I spent way too much time fiddling with the sewing machine. Cleaning it, getting to know all the presser feet it comes with (oh my! what a treasure trove of helpers I have there!), and trying out different things with different fabrics. Nothing much got accomplished, except that I did finish this set of night clothes for Celina.

I used piping and added cuffs on the sleeves and legs and a round collar. The inspiration behind this set were my very own pyjamas, except mine are made of boring but cozy flannel, and they are not this dainty and cute I am afraid. Sometimes I spend so much time looking at my vintage sewing books for instructions on how to do this or that, but the "magic" really happens when I start sewing and when I am determined to obtain a certain technique or look. My husband complains of my stubbornness, but it's what has gotten me through this sewing adventure of mine. You would not believe the things I was sewing when I started. My first sewing endeavour was a pair of thai pants for my husband, and I sewed the whole thing without bringing down the presser foot ever!

Now Celina over here had a nice and long beauty sleep, since she is getting ready to don her beautiful party dress. After all, she is a birthday girl, right? I am just about finished with her, and I can't wait to send her home. I think she is going to have the time of her life, with her new Mom and her new friends. For now, I go back into my studio, and try to clean the epic mess I made over the weekend. I will load previews this afternoon of the clothes I will have for sale tomorrow. See you soon!

I am ready!

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