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The Girl with the Funny Hat.

Beatrice, by Fig & me

It does look like hair Beatrice, but you know it's not your hair. Yes of course, you can't go to bed with knotty hair, but a hat won't help either, what we need is a brush. No, no, don't worry. A gentle brush. I swear is the gentlest. Pinky promise. No, I am not spitting on it. Neither should you!.

Beatrice's hair is full of suri alpaca tangles. The stuff of nightmares. And while we wait for her hair to simmer down and become the luxurious locks that she was promised, she is wearing her winter hat. Oh yes, because it's still full-on Winter here, right Beatrice? Right. Although her hat is not the kind you wear to bed, it is very soft and makes her look a bit tomboyish, don't you think?. But it's not her hair. We promise, and not we are not spitting on it either.

Beatrice in her jersey pyjamas, by Fig &  me

Beatrice and her fur hat, by Fig&me

Beatrice is my first custom doll of the year. I am very excited to finish her and see her parade herself around with all the wonderful things she and I have been dreaming. She is a 23" tall figlette, and she is one of the most caring dolls I have ever met. But for now, we wait to undo all those tangles, and there is still a lot more sewing to do. Onward and upward, a whole new week ahead of us!.

Starting your doll making adventure.

Starting your doll making adventure.

Spring troubles

Spring troubles