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Spring troubles

Spring troubles

I love gingham! by Fig&me.

The bed and its goodies found a wonderful home this morning. They will be carefully packed and start their journey across the Atlantic, how awesome is that? Every day that passes I am continually surprised at the generosity of those who follow my doll making path, the support we receive is pretty amazing. Makes you very humble.

Now, I now some of you are waiting to see that sneaky fairy of mine but we are not talking to each other. I gave her a nice corner of the studio, and put some books and notebooks by her side, to keep her busy. When she comes to her senses maybe I will get back to dressing her. For now, we are not in speaking terms. There are about two or three feet maybe, of snow outside. She is a Spring Fairy. Where is MY Spring?. End of story.

Instead, I will contemplate the idea of chopping my hair, because it's getting ridiculous. And also, get to add all those details and make all those things I want for my little Beatrice. My first custom doll of the year. She is ever so excited to come and meet everybody and show her Mom what she is all about. Maybe then my Spring Fairy will come to understand, and call Mrs Thaw and makes all this fluffy snow go away. The End.

The Girl with the Funny Hat.

Japanese inspired Bed & bedding set.