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Five years of love, A Wee Memento. Giveaway Number Two.

2013 Fig&me calendar.

For my next wee giveaway I have this sweet 2013 calendar. I know the year is almost over and it actually contains dolls made in 2012, but this is the last one I have and decided to give it away to one of the owners of the dolls featured in it, as a sweet memento to accompany their doll. 

So this Giveaway is only open to those who have one of the dolls pictured in the calendar. The dolls are as follows: 

Tatjanna Buttonloop

Honey Poppyseed

The Children of the Steppe

Emma Mauve

Katerina Pintuckova




Clove Tisane

Cherry Charlotte

Little Red


Mint Buttercream

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell





Elfo Tinderbox

Mathilda Cupcake

Anne Sophie


Fig and me calendar Giveaway.

Now, I know who I sold the dolls to but I also know the dolls change hands, so the Giveaway is open to those who actually have the dolls in their homes. If you have any of the dolls listed above and were not the original buyer, just sent me a note with a photo of the doll and I will enter your name. Otherwise, if you are the original owner of the doll and wish to enter this Giveaway (some of you already have this calendar as I have been giving it away with a few special dolls) just leave your name and that's all. Good luck to those that want to have a sweet keepsake of the time when I made their doll. I will leave the entries open until tomorrow night and then publish the doll owner and winner. See you tomorrow!. 

--GIVEAWAY CLOSED. The Winner is Sam Martines and Amelia. One wee calendar coming their way! 

Mistletoe again.

Five years of love, giveaway number 1.