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Mistletoe again.

Winter boots for Little Arwen, by Fig and me.

Oh, the winter dreams are full blown over here. The smells of the house can't help but trigger some of the joy of this season of light: wood fire, cinnamon sugar sprinkled on toast…and very soon the smell of winter greens inside the home. As people prepare to celebrate Martinmas (we have been making little lanterns as well), my eyes wonder to the beautiful scenery and I wanted to take Arwen outside. 

She wanted a proper Winter outfit, she said. Something in which she can dance under snowy bracken and play for hours with the snowflake fairies. My memories brought me images of another doll who had similar dreams, Mistletoe Lore.  

Our winter scene, by Fig and me.

Birch toggles on her winter jacket, by Fig and me. 

Mistletoe dress by Fig and me.

But sinde Arwen Edwina loves things on the funny side, we added mismatched buttons as mistletoe berries all over her snowy linen dress.  I can honestly say that working on my dolls and their clothing makes me so happy sometimes I feel my heart is going to burst. I would be so, so lost without them. And of course, Little Arwen being the silly elf baby that she is, turned down my offer of a pretty winter bonnet for a mistletoe wreath on her head. I cannot be more happy with her suggestion. Honestly.

Arwen Edwina sits under the trees, by Fig and me.

Little Arwen and her Mistletoe outfit, by Fig and me.

The Barn in Winter, by Fig and me.

She is very ready now to head home, however, I get to play with her just a wee bit longer while the wood worker puts the finishing touches on her best present of all. So much mystery surrounds it as true to his character, he hasn't let me see the thing. I am supposed to make things for it, but yet I do not know what it is. Oh well, we shall wait while we sip some hot chocolate generously dowsed with marshmallows.

Arwen Edwina in her Winter clothes, by Fig and me.

The winter neighbours, by Fig and me.

Meanwhile, we will leave you with this beautiful scene. The sight Arwen Edwina and I witnessed this beautiful morning. Now, the children will be dressed in one minute flat, and we will all head outside for much merry slipping and some light shovelling. Oh dear, shovelling!. I forgot about that...

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