little fairies like to wash their faces on the larger than life drops amongst the cabbage leaves...

Hortulus ( "little vegetable garden" ) is a poem, written in Latin hexameter, by the peculiarly-named Walafrid Strabo. I found this tidbit of information in a book, recently polished off, entitled A Feast of Weeds by Luigi Ballerini, originally published as Erbe da Mangiare. The book is beautifully written, with so much wit and so much knowledge, it made for a delightful morning read. Something so wonderful to look forward to enjoy, with my one and only morning latte, the solitude of a sleeping house and a curious puppy at my feet. Are you also enjoying something wonderfully written? Are you enjoying the gardening that comes with this season? Are you starting to reap the rewards of your little Hortulus? I obviously had to name our wee garden as such, and all I need to do now is paint a sign. Husband shakes head. Constantly.

Posted on July 9, 2014 and filed under our life.