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Out of the frying pan.

Out of the frying pan.

Mini Pocket Baby, by Fig and Me.

Oh yes, and into the fire we will go! In about five days my two children will be travelling up north to meet their Grandparents, and spend two glorious weeks breathing the boreal forest air, swimming in cool Lake Superior and dipping their toes in clean white sand, harvesting and eating wild blueberries, taking bike rides around a very small town and engulfing many soft ice cream cones. Holidays at your Grandparents has got to be one of the best ways to spend one's summer. 

Sweet cashmere babies, by Fig and Me.

And what are the parents going to be doing during those two glorious weeks? Camp up the Muskokas? Enjoy many dinners all over town? Go horse-back riding? Sadly no. But, more importantly, we will get to do something we both love: work, work, work…in our respective passions: doll making and wood crafting. We are profusely salivating thinking of the many hours of uninterrupted concentration, of the voluptuous abandon to designing and realizing creations.  I cannot stress enough how much my husband and I love what we do. And how excited we are, every day, to wake up and sneak away into our respective studio/workshop and give her.

An evolution of Wee Babies, by Fig and Me.

So do expect increased blogging, photography, sewing talk and many dolls. I can't start spilling details yet, but I have many surprises, many firsts and hopefully all will be properly documented when the time comes. Into the fire we go…soon.

A sweet beginning.