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Out of the frying pan...

And into the fire! Hehehehe. Little did my husband know that my master plan is to turn him more and more to the dark side, and get him to make toys for me on a rather regular basis. Well, in all fairness, I am not fighting this battle to keep the toys for me, but to share them with the world, with you!. His talent is so great that I feel it should be spread out, and not just confined to the immediate towns where customers can enjoy his *slightly heavy* creations.  

I have asked him countless of times to make this or that, to offer just one more as a custom order perhaps, and every time I have been told *maybe*. I think he has a hard enough time communicating his ideas to me (a person that is severely dimensionally challenged and can't possibly picture a three-dimensional design in her head) that it has scared him of trying to work like this with people he can't see face to face. So, in order to sweeten the deal, I told him I would do the communicating and he only has to do the actual creative part. So I convinced him this time!. 

He has graciously agreed to offer the creation of this most magnificent steam trunk as a custom order. I almost feel like crying for joy!. It will be a similar item, same size and style, but the wood worker loves to vary things and make them unique, so it won't be a replica of the one made for Amelie. We both feel strongly about never replicating the things we make, they are one of a kind toys, and they each have a story and a little bit of our soul and energy in them. We like to keep what we make very close to our hearts so that we never lose the passion we feel for creating. 

So, if you are looking for smart travel arrangements for your doll, this is your chance to snag a most magnificent steam trunk. Eva, my sweet doll, is so happy that Derek agreed to do this that she volunteered to bake another fabric cake to mark the occasion, and I will be sending a pretty outfit (to fit your doll) to store in it so that there are treats to enjoy once you open this box of treasure. 

We decided to offer this custom order as a short auction, so please hop over here to check it out. If you do decide to bid, we thank you most deeply for your support, and we wish everybody good luck! The auction will run Saturday August 17th at noon and end at 10 PM EST. Starting price is $300 which covers the supplies he needs to create it and a little for the amount of time he will have to invest in creating it. Any questions feel free to email me at fabs (at) figandme.com 

Most Magnificent Doll Steam Trunk  

Saturday August 17th Noon to 10 PM

Busy boys

Out of his hands