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Out of his hands

When I sold the custom spot for Amelie, back at the beginning of the summer, my husband and I were both so humbled and excited by the auction. I knew that I had a huge responsibility in my hands, and that I wanted him to help me create a special something for this doll. I asked for a small steam trunk, dolly size I said, nothing too big, I don't want you to go out of your way...little did I know. It's like I don't live with the man, he knows no limits, he has such an imagination, and he never makes anything half way. 

Of course that my "requests" were going to be met, ten times fold! I never imagined this thing, even when he tried to describe it. Fifty+ hours of manly labour and Amelie has the most fantastical, the most magnificent steam trunk, ever!. It is my pleasure, my honour, to put all her sweet clothes in there. To fill it up with girly things, and to send her home with this thing under her arms. Isn't Amelie such a lucky girl? 

Now, I just need to spend a few more hours with my sewing machine and my needles, and Amelie will be ready to meet her extended family. I know there are a couple of arms waiting for her, and I know she will have the life any doll can only dream of.

It has been such a pleasure, for both of us, to work on this set together. Every time he agrees to work with me, I go around the house giggling to myself because I know he is not only going to surprise me, but he is going to blow my socks off. And he never disappoints!. Amelie, you are one lucky dolly.

Out of the frying pan...

Little peeks

Little peeks