Little peeks

This morning the light was unbearably beautiful, and while I packaged some doll outfits that went out hotter than cakes yesterday, I decided to grab the camera and pay attention to the room around me. What you could call the Atelier of Fig & Me.  I like the name so much that I might make a flickr set for photos I have taken over the years of my working space.

This is my cork board with all sorts of bits of inspiration. I don't like to hang my to do list here, just little things I like to look at. The letterpress cards hanging on top are by Little Red Caboose, plus a few sketches of mine, mostly magazine clippings, some wooden clothes pegs to hang bits of fabric, Juliane's business cards, a crochet doily, fabric flowers I have made, a pretty vintage pattern and a poem my husband wrote for me.

And as you can see from the tip of the iron which intended to photobomb my morning shoot, this is what's on top of the "ironing station", which is really just a fancy name for a very small ironing board on top of a wooden crate. This wooden shelf used to be in my daughter's room, it housed her play food and dishes, but since she nows wants a desk and other things in her room I brought into my atelier. 
Those beautiful needle felted birds, mother swan and baby, were a present for me that arrived in the midst of moving. They are the softest thing to touch and I love playing with them, and looking at their beauty while I am trying to press dress seams (thank you Heather!). They are made by Daria Lvovsky, very big fan of her work and I never imagined her stuff would live with me one day. That little dress form was also a present by Jane, as well as the little card you saw higher up in the photos. I do hope she returns one day to dolly dressmaking because her stuff is just so beautiful.

So today, while packaging my own creations, and looking around me, I was reminded of the generosity and the work of my friends. It feels so good to start the day doing what you love, and to look around you and see the hand work of others and to know that that is what they also love, is just feels very empowering and it makes you feel like you are part of a bigger something. People who appreciate the thought and love you put into things, not only because they admire it, but because they work like that as well. I think this is going to be a good week!. I wish you the same.

Posted on August 12, 2013 and filed under our life, dollmaking.