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Busy boys

Excuse the absence but a pack of boys have kept me quite busy this week. Good thing I only make boys once a year, otherwise I think my blog would suffer much. I have been having oodles of fun concocting their personalities and their clothes. Simple but boyish, and sweet. Because I have to make things sweet!.

Today we go and get our also sweet Araucana pullets, so there will be lots of romping in the yard, and a lot of excitement. If the boys (five of them, 13" tall) stay still long enough to measure their pants and their boots, I might be able to snap a few more photos and have them ready for their sale early next week. But with chickens joining the family this weekend, I am not sure how much I am going to be able to work...and keep the boys from being in the yard.

Off to load the truck to go and get our feathered friends! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, mine is looking pretty fantastic.  

Dear lord

Out of the frying pan...