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A little sewing here, and a little smooching over there.

Handmade Cloth baby doll

Trying to sew with this beautiful weather is proving more difficult than envisioned. The winter was long, and the Spring refused to come here, so I think we might have gone straight into Summer. We all crave the rays of the Sun on our skin, and there is green everywhere. I feel so alive (and pretty!) wearing flowing skirts and sandals, and hearing my bracelets chirp merrily while I move my hands crocheting a fantabulous set of shoes (a custom order for a special doll). I pause, every now and then, to really see what I am doing. To fully grasp the fact that I am so blessed to live where I live, to have the family I have, the way of life I live, and the amazing opportunity to work every day at forging my own future. It feels pretty good!.

Baby Jill (my daughter's doll) was kind to model some clothes for me, in anticipation of a little (really..only a few pieces) clothing update I am preparing. The pictured white eyelet dress comes in three lengths, Jill is modelling the medium length. All the clothes I will have available are for Fig&me dolls 16" to 21" tall. The update will take place Monday May 6th at 10 AM EST through my Etsy store. I will be loading photos of the items that will be available through out the weekend to my Flickr gallery, so you can check it out and see if there is something that catches your doll's fancy. I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weekend, I know I am. See you soon!.

ps. you might have noticed a bit of a different look to the website and blog. I have been fiddling with the design, in order to make it easier for you all to find everything with less poking around. I hope you like it and I hope I can make the navigation enjoyable for everyone.

Moms play with dolls.

Moms play with dolls.

Penelope Pitchpocket and her friend