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Penelope Pitchpocket and her friend

handmade doll and snail toy

Well, in my haste to delete the form today, I deleted the entire post! Jajajaja! That made me laugh...and made me freak out a little bit. I will now let you all know that the person selected to purchase Penelope Pitchpocket and her snail pet have been notified via email (so please go check!) and if all goes well this sweet set of troublemakers will be heading to their new home soon.

Now, let me tell you a little bit more about them. Penelope is an 18" natural doll, in my Figlette style. She is made with cotton jersey and stuffed with wool. Her hair is made with wool yarn, applied strand by strand to a cap sewn to her head. Her clothing consists of an organic jersey shirt, a pair of cotton overalls with oversized pockets, a little kerchief, and cotton undies. Her velour booties have ties, so they stay put. Penelope loves animals, all kinds of animals. She loves most dearly the cute little snails she finds in the yard, under bushes and by the pond. This particular snail she found is rather furry. I know! Must be a magical kind of snail since it is already quite big!. 

Penelope seems to believe her snail will one day grow to be so big that she will be able to ride it, and seeing the rather large size of her snail I am starting to believe her. Her pet snail is made with an angora "shell" and a merino body, stuffed also with wool. When Penelope plays to be a pirate, her little snail loves to pretend she is a parrot and sits comfortably on her shoulder, pretending to be tough and come up with cheeky come-backs. This pair is quite something!.

Thank you so much to everybody that commented on the previous post (which I deleted by mistake, before I got a chance to comment on your wonderful guesses!). Now I can let Miss Pitchpocket and her friend play in the yard while I keep sewing and sewing...I am preparing a small clothing update, and will let you know details when I get closer to photographing my little clothes.
See you soon!.

A little sewing here, and a little smooching over there.

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