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Dollmaking at large

Oh my! the weather is cooperating quite nicely! we couldn't bear to sit still inside the house and out we went to the park. Penelope came with us, and while my girls ran and played with their friends, I devoted my hands to make Penelope one yellow shoe, to sketch a doll (object of my current obsession), and to answer one or two emails on my phone. Penelope insisted on sitting inside my bag, quite comfy and looking up at all the kids running wild.

I found this rather large red bag, and it is perfect to bring a doll with me to the park or to the lake. What else is inside that bag? well a bottle of water, cheese crackers, my phone, wallet, my sketch book and the camera. Today it also contained a crochet hook and a ball of linen yarn. I think the contents of my bag are a pretty tell-tale sign of the kind of life I lead, don't you think? I remember the times when my bag carried a bottle, diapers and baby wipes. Not anymore! Yeah!!

Now I need to finish her other shoe, help out the chef in making dinner, read another three books to these un-satiable children, and decide what other clothes does Miss Penelope want. She will be ready pretty soon, and she will be held up for sale comment-style here in the blog. A word of warning: she is fickle, has a temper, and although sweet she is very obstinate. Just sayin'.

Penelope Pitchpocket and her friend

The Handmade Doll Business

The Handmade Doll Business