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Custom spot for September 2015, a doll made just for you.

This will likely be the last custom spot of the year, but read on. We have a lot of info to cover.

Figlette custom cloth dolls, by Fig and me.

Hello my dears, as promised in last Sunday’s newsletter here is the post that explains what is available for this next custom spot. I will go straight to the point because there is a lot of information to cover.

Offering and Pricing

These are the doll sizes and styles I am offering at this time. You can order:

Fernanda, a Little Fig (15") cloth doll by Fig and me.

Little Dolls

  • 11” Mini Fig (proportions of a 5 year old) $650
  • 15” Little Fig (proportions of a 5 year old) $850

Mini Figs (11" tall) and Little Figs (15" tall) are recommended as dolls for children 4+ (when choosing suitable hair and clothing). Their simple expressions as well as clothing make them appropriate for young children who are starting to enjoy doll play. Their outfits do have buttons or snaps so are not recommended for younger kids that put stuff in their mouths and such. You will have a variety of hair styles to choose from, as well as skin tones. I take gentle direction in regards to clothing style but I work best with freedom to create something that suits your doll. He or she will come dressed in a five piece outfit, for example: a dress, underwear, mary jane shoes, a cape and hat. (Fernanda, the doll pictured, has alpaca hair and therefore not recommended as a toy for small children). 

Helena, a 17" figlette cloth doll by Fig and me.

Marushka, a 17" figlette cloth doll by Fig and me.


  • 17” Figlette (proportions of a 6 year old) $1700
  • 20” Figlette (proportions of a 8 year old) $1900
  • 23” Figlette (proportions of a 8 year old) $2200

The Figlette is by far the most popular and most requested of the many dolls I make. Figlettes have bodily proportions corresponding to a lanky 6 to 8 year old, and their pattern has many signature details: lanky limbs, slightly bent arms, semblance of bony knees, long feet, sculpted bum and belly button, necks and ears. As you can see their faces change dramatically from one to the next so I cannot offer to reproduce a doll previously made but instead I would be delighted to create a one of a kind doll for you. Hair styles vary, as well as skin tones. Your doll will come dressed in a 5 to 7 piece ensemble, such as: hat, dress, apron, underwear, socks, boots, shawl, etc.  

Poet, a Petite Fig cloth doll by Fig and me.

Winny, a Petite Fig cloth doll by Fig and me

Petite Fig

18” Petite Fig (proportions of a 10 to 12 year old) $2800

This doll is a new style this year, and first time offered as a custom spot. The Petite Fig has a head completely wool sculpted with needle-felting, and therefore takes many more hours of creation than her brothers or sisters. Petite Fig clothing is very inspiring to create due to their size, as it allows for many layering options (with different body proportions on the other dolls, they tend to look too stuffy)  because of their long and lanky body. Your doll will come dressed in several items of clothing, usually with a very particular story to tell as these dolls are what are inspiring me deeply right now.

Thorpe, a 14" baby cloth doll by Fig and me.

Thorpe, a 14" baby cloth doll by Fig and me.

Baby dolls

10” baby (weighted with glass beads) $875

14” baby (option to weigh or not) $1200

22” baby (option to weigh or not) $1600

Their pattern has bent arms and knees, and fabric joins that allows them to be posed and held much like a real baby. Your doll can be weighted or not, according to your choice, except the smallest size which will always be weighted due to size. Baby dolls are only offered with brushed mohair as a hair style, so no weft or locks. They usually come dressed in a five piece ensemble, such as: a top, pants, boots, diaper and hat. Baby dolls are recommended for children 5+. 



All prices are in USD and do not include shipping charges. Canadian customers are subject to taxes with current exchange rates. 

You can order more than one doll, maximum four. 

Payment is done in two instalments. First half when I start your doll, balance plus shipping when I am finished and you have approved of your doll. 

A non-refundable deposit for $50 will be charged upon selection to work with you, and is due immediately.

If you are selected, you will receive a file that explains all the choices in skin tone, hair, etc that I am able to offer, as well as a little bit of explanation on my creative process.

I do not reproduce dolls previously made, but take hints of course on what you like.

The spot offered is not transferable. I will only work with the person selected.

Your doll will be started in September and completed within 4 to 8 weeks (if only ordering one, multiples will have to be discussed).


To enter

Ok, here is where the fun starts. I did mention this time I was going to make you work for it. In order to enter for the spot you have to create either one of these options:

On Pinterest. Please create a public board with at least 10 pins/dolls, previously made by me, that have spoken to you most deeply. Bonus points if pinning from my website, but you can also use my Flickr gallery. You could also re-pin from my own board (this might offer you a visual archive in order to find the doll you might be looking for). Do not pin any other content to this board, especially not other dollmaker’s work. Once your board is finished you will use the link for your board to submit the form at the bottom of this post. Please name your board "My Fig and Me custom spot".


On Facebook. Same as above, please create a public album with at least 10 photos of dolls I have made that have sparked your emotion, and then tag Figandme on your album description for easier viewing. 

The purpose of the board or album is so that I can get an immediate feel of what is it in my dolls that speaks to you, and I can get dreaming your custom doll much easier. I know that people often ask me to create a doll based on their children or family member, and so the doll will of course be inspired by them, but the board/album will help me immensely to understand which dolls you connected with and therefore guide me from the start. 

You have until Sunday to get to work on your album or board, and once it is ready you can copy the link and insert it in the form below. 

I hope I have covered most questions, but if still in doubt, please do not hesitate to ask. Write a comment on this post and I will answer you here. Thank you so much for wishing to work with me in creating a one of a kind doll, made just for you. As I have said numerous times in the past, custom dolls are the hardest, most time-consuming and nerve-wracking dolls I make, but they are also the most rewarding. They allow me to connect with dolls at a deeper level, to create relationships with people I have never met and that usually become friends, and to dig at greater depths into my creativity and motivation. 

This will likely be the last custom spot offered this year, but if the person selected only asks for one doll, I might be able to offer one more. I have many beautiful plans for the Fall, as is my favourite season of the year, and I am very excited to create yet another custom doll during these months. 


Thank you all.

Children of mine, children of yours.