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Thank you all.

The last custom spot has been awarded but I wanted to come and thank you all with your beautiful messages. Scroll down to see the full gallery.

Message: Crossing my fingers... And toes!

Message: Dear Fabs I would dearly love to have a doll made for my beautiful teenager Madeline. This would be a celebration for all her hard work at school and home. As you can see by my Pinterest board I have pinned quite a few of your red haired dolls. These really speak to me as both my children are red heads as well as a few of my lovely nieces. A 15 inch Little Fig would be a great doll and my only wish is the doll has red hair and blue eyes. As to any other requests I would prefer to have your artistic genius just flow and evolve as the doll comes alive. It would just be an absolute privilege to own one of your dolls. I know Maddy would treasure this gift and most likely my gentle red hair boy as well! My fingers are crossed(really tight!).

Message: What a dream this would be.
To have the opportunity like this to get to offer you snippets of my dream doll ideas, or have you yank them out of me, nudge them... and let your imagination and visions come to life... truly would be a dream come true. Just the opportunity allows my heart to skip a beat and the daydreaming begins.
Thank you for the opportunity and chance Fabs, you are a unique and marvellous soul.
Your creativity shines through in everything you do, and I'm happy our paths have crossed.

Message: Fabs, I have fully enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane as I looked through years of old blog, Facebook, and Flickr posts. I remember discussions with my grandmother and doll friends about specific dolls, stories, uploads. What fun it was and how is it even possible that so much time has passed? I cherish those memories. I have not enjoyed anything more during my time of collecting dolls than working on a custom with you. Having already had this experience, I feel selfish for even trying for another spot but I just can't help wanting to bring one last dream to life in wool and cloth form. I hope you enjoy reading the little collection of doll photos as much as I had fun creating it.Thank you for offering this spot. Fingers, toes, eyes...all crossables are crossed for tomorrow. 

Message: It was a fun and enjoyable journey to make this pinterest page. I waited until the relaxing Saturday night, browsed through the blog page by page and the pictures, traveled from 2015 to 2011, seeing all the dolls and articles that I love (most of them!). They are so unique and each of them have their own character, so lively, like a real kid. I am always dreaming to have a Figlette, especially a custom doll to go through the creative journey with you. 

Message: Thank you so much for this opportunity. I love that every doll of yours is so inspired by nature. Ironically nature was trying to keep me from entering ;) We had a huge windstorm that knocked out the power (therefore taking away my phone and Internet service). Trees fell across the driveway taking the power lines with it. So I took a little nature hike out here to find service to finish up my entry :D thank you, and no matter what, I can't wait to see who you create! ♡

Message: It has been a dream of mine to work with someone with such talent and creativity . I would be honored to work with you in creating the most wonderful doll. Also to make s young lady very happy in the process.

Message: Have great fun selecting a person Fabs to work with! It must be amazing to see all the photos of your dolls people chose as there "best 10" and reading the comments. It was already great dreaming to make this board. It made me think about myself and to just take a pause in this hectic world and dream for a while. Thank you for that! 

Message: Thank you for this opportunity! It took me awhile to put together my board. Even though I already knew which dolls I would pin, there was much deliberation over what kind of doll I would do if selected (a figlette or baby or both!), and whether or not I could swing the funds at this time. I knew in my heart, though, that I needed to try as getting a custom form you would be my dearest wish. Thank you for this opportunity, I'm sure the chances are slim, but its always nice to hope!

Message: I pinned some of the many highlights -- including one of your husband's creations! -- on my board. Hermione is my absolute favorite, mostly due to her hair! Crossing fingers that we're lucky enough to get this custom spot. I was in line to order a custom doll from you in 2010, but it didn't work out.Thanks for the chance!

Message: You're fabulous! Thanks for the opportunity. Fingers crossed I got the link in there properly.

Message: I am absolutely in love with your dolls. I've got my fingers crossed that I may lucky enough to buy one.

Message: I'm interested in one of the smaller figs (the mini fig, if it would work) along with a bear--and by this, I mean not a teddy bear, but a bear bear. The reason for this is because of my daughter, who is now 4.5. I had an amazingly difficult birth and pregnancy, and when my girl was here, the one thing that went well with my body was nursing. She would growl and growl as she nursed, so I named her "the bear." So the custom I would request would be a kind of warrior doll--hence why there are so many dolls from your warrior collection on the pinboard--and I'd love a bear companion (I'm thinking something along the lines of the dragon on the pinboard). I'd love for the doll to resemble my children, who are both blondies with blue eyes. I'd love something fierce. Oh, and I love braids.

Message: Fabs!!! How FABS you are for making this possible for a custom spot!!!! I would LOVE to make a cleft lip doll that looks like my little cutie as a Figlette. I would love for her to have spunk just like my little munchkin. She has gray blue eyes and curly brown hair and she is a chunker (in the most cutest way possible). She LOVES to pull weeds out of the dirt, play babies with her dolls, and play kick ball with her older 3 brothers. She looks dainty in dresses but at the same time my little princess can get down and dirty in the mud with scrapped knees and mud pies. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider us as the family to pick!!! This would mean the world to my daughter and I and I am very flexible!!!!! LOVE your work as always!!!!!

Message: Thank you so much for the chance! This would be an amazing and surreal dream come true for me. And I had SO much fun looking through pictures for my album. What an awesome idea!

Message: Thank you for this opportunity Fabs!!

Message: Hi Fabs! Thank you for this amazing chance to have a custom doll by you. I was introduced to your work a bit later than most, but you have my utmost admiration. It would really be a dream come true to work with you. Lots of love! 

Message: Dearest Fabs, It has been such a pleasure getting to know and love you (and your family) these past years. I take so much joy in doing so, watching you create, evolve, live, and love. It would be such an honor for me to work with you one day on a custom. I know every relationship, like a flower, takes time to grow and bloom. I thank you for giving ours a time and chance. I have so much trust in you and your words. I marvel with each doll you make and the process with which you do so. I have to tell you that even if my time is not now, it is not with great disappointment. I trust that it will come as it is meant to be. It would be my plan to have my children one day created as you have so beautifully done for some of my sweet friends. Some of my most favorite of your customs are when you've created little ones you have had time to really immerse yourself in their stories and personalities . May our time come. Lots of love and thank you always.

Message: This is such an exciting opportunity! Thank you so much for the chance! I hope I linked my album properly...fb was being a bit difficult for me. ;-) Can't wait for Sunday!!

I wanted to show you some of the messages I received, while preserving the author's privacy, I deleted names and edited some very sensitive confidences.  Thank you so much to everybody that entered for this custom spot, your words and the effort you all put into building your albums and boards was very humbling. I feel that you all place such trust in my hands and the only thing I can do to repay such confidence is to work with my hands and heart. 

I couldn't bring myself to leave so many empty handed so I am going all out and being a rebel to my own rules. I offered the first person picked the custom spot to be made during September/October. Then I pulled four more names, and these people will go into an informal "waiting list". They have a reserved spot with me and we'll get down to business as soon as I am able to work on their dolls. I feel this way more people are satisfied with the knowledge that I will eventually work with them, and I feel better knowing that I am making a few more people happy. 

Thank you all so much for your candid words and for your support of my dolls. If you weren't chosen this time, do not fret. I make many dolls that become available here (comment style on the blog), maybe one of them will speak directly to your heart and end up in your home. This coming week I start fresh, with new ideas and a lovely dame in my custom doll wagon. Very excited for us both. Much love to you all.

Illustrious Augustus, or you can call him Egg.

Custom spot for September 2015, a doll made just for you.