Children of mine, children of yours.

Four custom figlette dolls are ready to travel, why do they always want to leave?

Four custom natural cloth dolls by Fig and me. Full of precious details to entertain their mom for hours.

These children mine are children of yours. I know what they mean to you, because I know what they mean to me. I know how long you have been waiting for them, because I know how long they have been here with me. I know how much fun you will have with them, because I know how much I have played with them. Tossing their hair, putting their shoes on, undoing the jacket, tying the bonnet, fluffing their skirts. Hours of unending play. 

These children of mine, holding children of yours. Four custom cloth dolls by Fig and me.

Playing with all-natural custom cloth dolls, by Fig and me.

Playing with dolls (via Fig and Me)

The little children, four custom cloth dolls by Fig and me.

The time has come, to bid them adieu. Often times I wonder wether I should be doing something else, wether the emotional attachment to my dolls is a bit unhealthy and how can I possibly keep doing this for another year?. As the years go by, of course I have gotten better at handling the emotional upheaval of putting a doll (!!) inside a box, writing a brief note, making that bow, and closing those lids. Seriously, just picturing this in my head gives me a bit of heart palpitations and my brain starts screaming: "why? why? no! don't do it!!". Total nutcase.

Obviously, anticipating another set of hands ripping through that box, opening that bow gently, smiling at the little note, uncovering the paper and feeling those dolls, hugging them, laughing, pinching their bums, touching their clothes and hair…well, that makes it better. It must be a great feeling for a doll collector to receive a doll that has been made just for them. It must be another thing completely to receive a doll that is made after her or his children. The "dollification" of their kin. 

playing with dolls (via Fig and me)

playing with dolls (via Fig and me)

Two beautiful little dolls, waldorf inspired, wearing their lovely clothes (via Fig and me)

Brother and sister, two custom natural cloth dolls, waldorf inspired. By Fig and Me.

The Lovely gang, four custom cloth dolls, waldorf inspired, by Fig and me.

Playing with handmade dolls, via Fig and me.

I plan on giving each of these dolls a really big hug, knowing that I probably won't ever see them again. I shouldn't say that, because dolls do come back to spend holidays with me, every now and then, so you never know. The only certain thing is this: there is a mother at the other end of this screen who cannot wait to have them in her hands. 

                                 Thank you my dear, you know how much I love them, how hard it was to create them, and how happy I am to    have made them for you. 

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