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Almost there.

Sweet dreams by Fig&me.

I am always beyond excited when my husband decides to make wooden items for me. First, he never lets me see them until they are finished, which keeps this aura of mystery around it (very excruciating) and second, he delivers time and again the most beautiful unique pieces I have ever laid my eyes on.

He has a very artistic approach to the things he creates, be it a soup or an ambrosia maple crib with walnut details. I seriously can't stop my hands from running along its edges and the buttery soft finish is making me all broody. So of course I had to make something equally "broody" to match those feelings and I came up with this pudgy bebe.

Ambrosia Maple and Walnut doll crib, by Fig&me.

Sweet cashmere baby doll, by Fig&me.

The crib is very large, measuring roughly 22" x 12" on the inside. It has a big loop from where a mobile is meant to hang, I just haven't finished it. I decided to add a tulle covering, scorned by the wood worker of course, but I think it adds more broody-ness to the whole thing. Besides, I have the right to sew whatever I want. 

The mattress doesn't fully cover the base, because I wanted the pillow to go in at the same level. The pillow is made with cotton chenille and cotton twill; same material used for the mattress. The generous blanket is made with Liberty of London over-dyed with tea, and backed with organic cotton jersey. 

Wooden doll crib, by Fig&me. 

As it usually happens with whatever he makes, I am at a total loss on how to price it, so I will let those interested decide. He mostly makes one-of-a-kind pieces, as that is where his fancy takes him, and I try to contribute with my sewing skills to his creations, when needed. It is extremely fun to work together on projects such as this one. I will be having this beautiful crib, bedding and small doll, available tomorrow via auction. I just need to finish that mobile and take some proper photos of the whole thing, but wanted to come and show you. 

**the bed is made of solid wood, and it comes assembled. Therefore shipping charges are going to be a little bit steep. The mobile arch does come off.

Sweet and pudgy, by Fig&me.

As for this wee dolly, well, what can I say? It is made with repurposed cashmere, weighted just a bit with lentils, so that it sits quite nicely by herself. She is stuffed softly with wool and has a knotty hat. I am that much smitten with her that I will have some for sale later this week. I just have to make a few more! She sits 6.5" tall and is in a permanent sitting position due to her pattern design. 

Now off to finish that sweet mobile and I will bring you the link and time for the auction to take place. Most likely it will happen tomorrow night. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, full of mischief and pudgy hugs.

Sweet dreams little ones!

Little May, where will you go?