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Sweet dreams little ones!

Oh my Lord! Everything is ready, finally ready. In all honesty I don't think I did it justice. The bed is so fabulous that it becomes really hard to make something that matches the greatness of the grain and textures of the wood. But this is all made from the heart.

Handcrafted doll crib and bedding set, by Fig&me.

Please excuse the blanket fort in the background, our house is very small and I didn't have a heart to take down my daughter's creations in order to take these photos. I almost think it adds a little whimsy to the whole thing. 

The crib and bedding, and sweet dolly, will be held up for auction tonight, starting at 9 PM EST and ending shortly two hours later. Starting price is $150 USD, and shipping charges have been calculated with tracking and insurance ($65 Canada/USA and $120 International). If you would like to participate in this auction, the fun happens over here:

Ambrosia Maple & Walnut Crib + Bedding Set.

Handmade doll crib by Fig&me.

Rumbly-tumbly baby, by Fig&me.

Thank you so much for your interest, we hope this set finds its way to an amazing home, where it is enjoyed for many, many years. I will let you all know about my impending upload of Rumbly-tumbly babies, as I am determined to make a few more this week. Good night!.

Winter scenes

Winter scenes

Almost there.