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Little Baby Emma Jean.

Little Baby Emma Jean.

Today is the day, she wants to find a home where they can let her eat lots of yarn, play with crunchy leaves and sleep late. Emma Jean is a bundle of joy, hope you can welcome her into your doll-loving family. 

Baby Emma Jean, a natural fiber art doll ready for play, in her cotton double-gauze dress, cashmere pants, knitted baby booties and merino tea jacket. By Fig and me.

Creating handmade dolls is truly an adventure. I have always called it a journey, but it's not just about moving from place to place, or doll to doll, it is also about discovering how much your imagination can soar. Baby dolls in particular take a very special energy to be created, for some you have to travel to a quieter place, with soft music, cozy fabrics around you and yarns that truly inspire you. I never thought I would dress a baby in the clothes Little Emma Jean is wearing, yet here we are: she truly knew what she wanted (scratch that beautiful blue gauze dress I made…someone else will eventually get it down the line). 

Sweet Little Baby Emma Jean, taking a little dolly nap. By Fig and me.

Little Baby Emma Jean, playing with my yarn as I am trying to knit her boots. By Fig and me.

Yesterday we were both very excited as I had just finished knitting her hat, in a pretty checkerboard pattern (btw, I learned to decrease in pattern, so exciting!). But I guess it's all a bit boring to a cloth baby, who has nothing to do but fiddle with the ball of yarn. Well, before you know it Emma Jean had a wad of wool inside her mouth and a tangle of thread to bring any knitter down to their knees. With a bit of patience, a baby cookie to keep her busy, and some soothing music to keep my nerves at bay, I was able to untangle the mess and continue knitting the second bootie. The only thing that was keeping us from trying to find a family for Emma Jean. She is now ready to meet her destiny, clad in plaid cotton and dressed from head to toe in red. What an amazing creature she is, full of joy and spunk this one.

Hand knitted baby boots for Emma Jean, a natural doll by Fig and me.

Emma Jean, a natural baby doll by Fig and me. Ready for Fall weather.

As you can see Emma Jean is a baby, of the 14" tall variety. However in "doll age" she is about 10 months old. She is quite fat, but we are proud of it, as it took me days to fill her up with sweet-smelling wool. She is made with Swiss cotton jersey (the fabric of choice for all my babies) and has a mohair wig made of Dolly Mo yarn (in the sweetest auburn brown shade). Emma Jean is, like all my babies, pose-able to an extent due to her pattern construction: she has long fabric joins that allow her legs and arms to be moved into more realistic positions. She sits very well but cannot stand (because she is a baby, hello?). She is not weighted so she is safe to play for children ages 6+, or an adult collector. She needs gentle handling, lots of outings, and like all babies, unbelievable amounts of patience and care. 

Emma Jean wears an upcycled cotton double-gauze dress, that closes on front with a placket and three buttons. She comes with cashmere pants with a very wide waist made of ribbing, to hug her sweet tummy. A pretty diaper (with surely a nasty surprise!), a merino tea jacket with two buttons (also upcycled) and hand-knit hat and boots. As you can tell, I love to keep my babies cozy and dressed for the weather. If it was up to me, she would probably be wearing mittens already but I digress.

Handmade doll clothing for Emma Jean, a  natural baby doll by Fig and me. Made with merino wool, cotton double-gauze, cashmere and lots of time and care. 

Little Baby Emma Jean, a natural doll  by Fig and me. 

Little Baby Emma Jean, a natural doll by Fig and me.

Emma Jean's favourite foods are mushy bananas, pureed carrot with a little bit of spices (I know!), warm milk and lots of yarn. She is on a high-wool diet so please make sure she is surrounded by other soft toys stuffed with the same, as well as handwoven blankets, knitted clothes, felted diaper covers and the occasional wooden toy. She does prefer to chew balls of yarn (no cakes) so what can I say, I pampered this one a bit too much. If you feel brave enough to have such a demanding little baby in your home, please go ahead and leave your details in the form below. The price for Emma Jean (and all that comes with her) is $600 USD plus postage ($34 US/Canada, $38 Australia/International. Overseas customers need a revised quote if you would like full insurance). If there is overpayment in shipping it will be promptly refunded. She is a one-of-a-kind doll and I won't make another one like her. That is my motto. 


I will leave this form open until tomorrow Sunday at 7 PM EST and select a person at random to purchase little Emma Jean. Please don't forget to check your inbox at that time, the Paypal invoice will be sent right after and payment is due then. 

Little Baby Emma Jean, a natural doll ready for play, by Fig and me.

In the mean time Emma Jean and I have a lot of work to do, we have a small baby clothing upload to finish. If you are pretty much in love with her knitted baby boots, I am including them as a free pattern in my next newsletter, which will reach you towards the end of this coming week. Don't forget to sign up if you are not on it yet. Until then my friends. Thank you for coming to see Emma Jean and if you are trying to welcome her in your home, may the force be with you.  

Feodora, a fairy of sorts.

Wool as toy and doll stuffing, why, how and where?

Wool as toy and doll stuffing, why, how and where?