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Baby Joni and her pink bonnet

Baby Joni was quite impatient for me to finish her bonnet, so much that when I was trying it on her to see the fit, she started chomping on the leftover strands (that needed to be woven at the time) and wouldn't let me take it off. I finally convinced her so I could finish her sweet topper. It is made of one of my favourite yarns (Drops Loves You) which is a blend of alpaca, wool and linen, three of my absolute favourite fibres as well.

Baby Joni is growing like a weed, so they say. She went from a soft puddle of wool batting, and some crazy-looking jersey knit, to a soft, gentle and curvy baby. With chubby arms and bent bony knees, pudgy cheeks and fat belly. I love making this kind of babies, they feel so great in your arms and you can sit them and plop them all over the place and they just stay there, staring with their pretty smiles. 

Baby Joni is a bit girly, she likes pink and soft things. So I made her a cross-over cotton dress with puffed sleeves (in linen), trimmed the whole thing with golden ric-rac and gave her a pretty pearl snap. Matching bloomers and a velour diaper keep her tooshie very comfy. Because it is definitely getting a bit cool, I made her a matching set of garter stitch booties so that she looks as cute as she can wearing her bonnet as well. Then we took her outside for a little breath of fresh air (it was a bit windy!).

I think Baby Joni is a bit too proud that she can sit so well and gets to wear such pretty clothes. She giggles and squirms and is very jolly all day.

Baby Joni is a 21" tall cloth doll, made of wool and cotton jersey. She face is sculpted and embroidered, her hair is a crochet wig made of mohair (there is a lot of mohair in her cap and it can be styled a wee bit into pigtails and such). She is not technically jointed, but has fabric extensions on her body that allow her plenty of movement. Joni, and all her items of clothing are made of natural fibers and therefore need to be carefully hand washed. As previously mentioned she can wear commercial-made baby clothing in a size 3m. 

If you would like to give Baby Joni a home and take her out for walks, carry her around and put her to bed every night, then please fill your details in the form below. I will draw a name (at random) tonight at 9 PM EST and send you a paypal invoice. Her price is $625 USD plus postage.  


I wish everybody good luck, and we will chat more tonight once we notify the selected family. For now I can give you the heads up that Baby Ninu will be available also tonight, via auction, for a short period of time. More details on my facebook page later. Off to feed the babies.  

Thank you so much for your kind welcoming words for Baby Joni. She has chosen a home and while she is sleeping at the moment, I am sure she will be delighted to head soon to her new family. Thank you again everybody for all your support! 

Baby Ninu is now live and available via auction for a short period of TWO hours. We will watch a late night movie while we wait for the auction to end and figure out where Miss Ninu is headed (I encountered a few troubles with the auction so instead of ending at midnight it ends at 11 PM EST, sorry for any inconveniences!).

Looking forward, looking back.

My baby is growing