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Maia, a sweet baby doll with a full wardrobe.

Maia, a sweet baby doll with a full wardrobe.

I don't even know where to begin with this piece of sweetness. I have been calling her all sorts of names, and some are not very pretty. Exhibit A: muffin-chops.

Sweet Baby Maia, just waking up this morning. By Fig & Me.

I think this photo is my most favourite of hers, and that's hard for me to decide. Normally I ask my daughters (wah! don't remind me they are not home!) or my husband about which photos they like and we all choose which ones to post, and which ones to delete. I don't post all their photos of course, I do keep some for myself. I am a bit meanie like that. And while most of the time my family obliges me and helps me narrow it down, well… today there is nobody here so I had a harder time figuring it out. Hold your breath because there are a lot of photos in this post.

Baby Maia waking up. By Fig and Me.

Baby Maia, all cuddled up. By Fig and Me.

As a doll maker, sometimes I forget that families and prospective parents, like to see the dolls in all their clothes and in several postures, naked, etc. Good God! I don't think I have taken a naked photo of one of my dolls in a while, maybe next time.

But I did try today to snap photos of Maia in all the postures I could think of, because like all my wooly babies Maia is quite poseable. This is due to the way her body is sewn and the shape of her pattern. In her first photos Maia is wearing her pyjamas. Made of cotton with tiny white hearts, very comfy as you can see.

Maia was a bit cranky because I tried to put a hat on her. By Fig and Me.

Baby doll Maia wearing her linen ensemble. By Fig and Me.

Here Baby Maia is wearing her linen top, the one with the polka dots that I had to scrub endlessly after we got it all mushy with ripe bananas. You wouldn't believe the amount of "stuff" that can fit into that wee tiny pocket. 

The inspiration for this little number came from the wonderful world of children's clothing by Makie Clothier. You know? Simple lines, beautiful fabrics, not a lot of bows and ruffles and crazy junk. Soft, muted colours. A bit of ric rac at the arm holes, just to dress it up a bit. This style of bloomers was the one I liked to sew for my own girls, the ones with the elastic inside a casing. Good times. It's all linen, so I am picturing this little outfit aging into nothing but soft buttery fabric.

Baby doll Maia wearing her linen dotty outfit. A helmet-cap bonnet with self-fabric ties, an A-line top with ric rac and front patch pocket, and dusty rose bloomers with elastic casing. Doesn't she look cute in it?. I wuv her. By Fig and Me. 

As you can see over here, the little number comes with a little helmet bonnet. I cannot tell you how many of these bonnets I made for my girls when they were little. You might not know this, but before I made dolls, I was selling children's clothes. Nothing fancy, just at a local store and at our farmer's market. Well, this kind of bonnet was everybody's favourite. Fun fact? I always used linen for them. 

Maia is all mad because I took off her bonnet and changed it for a kerchief! hehehe. Don't be cross Maia, I will give you a teething cookie. By Fig and Me.

Baby doll Maia wearing her cotton balloon rompers and her matching kerchief. Little stinker. By Fig and Me.

Baby Maia and her pretty wooden button. She picked it herself. By Fig and me.

Baby doll Maia in her cotton balloon rompers, with a pretty mustard wooden button and green elastic. It's those little things that make my sewing hands sing (and clap too!). By Fig and Me.

And because what's better than a doll in a bonnet? a doll in a kerchief I say. This summer I have been whipping the kerchief thing. I don't even know why. I don't wear them but I have a master plan to convince my children to wear them when they get back from their holidays. Maybe I can bribe them with these photos and say: "see how adorable Maia looks in her kerchief? well, you ought to wear one too!". Do you think it will fly? Human children are so fickle.

Thankfully for us, the wooly ones are not so mean and they do love wearing whatever you send their way. Especially if it has bees, flowers and a fantabulous wooden button with polka dots. 

Baby doll Maia in her choco dress, by Fig and Me.

Maia, a waldorf-inspired doll, wearing her linen dress and playing with her wooden blocks. By Fig and Me.

Maia, trying very hard to reach that last wooden block. You can do it little one! by Fig and Me.

Now, of course you have seen Maia in her knitted overalls. If not, please go over HERE. I used the same wool yarn to knit her a fancy set of "flats" and a pointy bonnet. What is it with dolls and bonnets? I think there is some sort of constant with my dolls over all these years: hats and pockets. I have a fixation with both. Oh yes, and tiny buttons. And sweet shoes. The list goes on.

Maia wanted a party dress. I was going to make her a fall outfit out of this fabric, but the weather got so hot I just couldn't muster the energy to summon fall vibes. So we used the pretty chocolate fabric, linen again, to make her a summer dress. This one has ties at the shoulders, pretty sweet. I am so in love with this fabric, I am using it again on my next doll. I normally don't do that, I let the fabrics rest between dolls, but this one just calls to me.

Babe Maia, a waldorf inspired doll made by Fig and Me.

So after all this waffle, what next? Well, you know the drill. If you would love to give Maia a welcoming home, you can enter your details in the form below. 

Maia is a natural doll, weighted with glass beads inside her belly. She is stuffed with wool and her face has been needle-felted and embroidered. Her hair is a cap made with mohair yarn. She comes with all the clothes I mentioned, PLUS a shirt + bonnet + diaper + bear clippie to go with her knitted overalls (it was just too hot that day, so we took it off and forgot to photograph it again!). The wooden blocks are also part of her ensemble. Maia is about 15"/16" tall and she is very chubby because she eats so well.


Thank you so much to those of you who offered to take Maia home. Your offers were very generous, but the biggest thing is that they were made from the heart and that is so important to me. I won't be placing another doll as Make-me-an-offer this year, so you can rest assured that the boy and girls to come will all have set prices. I won't go crazy on the clothes either.

I promise!. 

Maia in my arms. By Fig and Me.

If you are entering for Maia, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If you just came to see her, we thank you as well. I love posting photos of my dolls, and while I know not everybody can afford them, I do believe their stories and photos are there for everybody to enjoy, including myself. I can't tell you how many times when I feel a little lonely and there are no dolls in the studio (hey! it happens!) I look at their photos and it's like I have them again in my hands. 

Also, before I forget. There will be a wee upload of dolly clothes tomorrow night on Etsy. But I will post photos and times on Facebook. All the clothes were made with the 15" baby doll in mind, so they are simple, with lots of room to wiggle, and miraculously enough: they fit the 18" figlettes.

Mr. Precious.

Mr. Precious.

Baby Maia says hi.

Baby Maia says hi.