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Baby Maia says hi.

Baby Maia says hi.

As you might already know, I have been working on a sweet dolly baby. I sure didn't intend to keep her this long with me, but I am not complaining. Now that my children are off enjoying their summer vacation, Little Maia has kept me loving company.

Baby Maia, a waldorf inspired, natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me. Wearing her pretty woollen overalls and her bear barrette. So cute the little stinker!.

In order to keep the missing and crying at bay, I concentrated in making Baby Maia quite a few clothes. I figured, if I just make one more thing, then I can keep her one more day. That has been the thinking behind the whole wardrobe fashion. Maia, of course, is delighted at the chance to travel with so many of her favourite things, including a sweet set of wooden blocks my husband made for her.

You can't see it in the top photo, but Maia's overalls have fabric straps. With polka dots, one of her favourite things. She likes to touch all the "spots". Anyways, I just wanted to come and show you this sweet little stinker, and let you know that I am finished making her clothes and we will be putting her up for adoption tomorrow, here on the blog.

Baby Maia, showing off her bear barrette.
Maia is a natural fiber art doll or waldorf  style doll, and made by Fig and Me.

Baby Maia, a natural waldorf style doll by Fig and Me.

Baby Maia is about 15" tall and about 12 months old. She sits and eats solid food but very little. She is weighted with glass beads, and like I mentioned, she  has a bit of a wardrobe.

I should probably mention that she agreed to be the model while making a few extra outfits that will be available for sale separately on Sunday morning on my Etsy shop. All clothes will have measurements in the listing so you can double check wether you have a pretty doll at home that might want to wear them. 

Baby Maia, wrapped in wool. A natural cloth art doll by Fig and Me.

Baby Maia says hi! By Fig and Me.

Now I need to go and cuddle with the little Miss, and I will come back tomorrow to post her listing, in the hopes that she finds a loving home that can deal with those cheeks, because I just.cant!.

Hope you are all enjoying the summer (or winter if in the Southern hemisphere). Here we are hoping for more rain so I don't have to water the garden.

Maia, a sweet baby doll with a full wardrobe.

Maia, a sweet baby doll with a full wardrobe.

Hedwig, flower-pocketer extraordinaire.

Hedwig, flower-pocketer extraordinaire.