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Hedwig, flower-pocketer extraordinaire.

Hedwig, flower-pocketer extraordinaire.

Hedwig, a 20" natural fiber doll by Fig and Me.

The sky was dark, heavy rain was approaching. Yet Hedwig wanted to go and check on the chickens, so out we went. A little chilly wind was tossing all the grasses and branches about.

After batting down the hatches, and making sure everybody had cozy hay, water and food, Hedwig decided to take a little stroll through the garden. 


Hedwig, a natural doll by Fig and Me.

Collecting posies and stuffing her cardigan’s pockets is one of her favourite things.

I often find flowers in between magazines, books and journals. I know who to thank for such kindness. Little Hedwig. 


Pockets are for carrying little posies made of mustard and daisies. By Fig and Me.

Hedwig picked some mustard, ground elder, and a daisy. 

Tucking them in her pockets, she proceeded to take stock of all the fruit trees and see “how they are getting along”.


Hedwig wears her gingham top, Liberty of London skirt and her sweet linen kerchief. By Fig and Me.

After climbing a tree (maybe two), the rain started to fall on us. The ducks started to rejoice and make all sorts of congratulatory noises.

Hedwig smiled.

We decided to wait the storm under the ailing roof of the barn. The drops were entrancing. Shop shop, ship shop. The rain wasn’t falling hard, but steady.


That freckle face! This is Hedwig, a natural doll by Fig and Me.

It stopped really quickly and the sun shined so bright. Everything glistened and the birds started to fly again.

Hedwig looked at me with her brown eyes, and smiled. Most often she doesn’t need to speak, she just tells you so much with her smile.


So pensive and dreamy. Hedwig, by Fig and Me.

We went inside to prep a spot of tea. Hedwig loves herbal tea, mint being her favourite. 

While I busied myself with a kettle and napkins, I spied from the corner of my eye, a little doll stuffing old books with flowers in between their dusty pages.

A gift for the future. For an unsuspecting treasure finder.

It’s the little things.


Little Hedwig, out collecting flowers. By Fig and Me.

Hedwig is a natural doll, of the 20” variety. She is made with cotton and stuffed with wool. Hedwig’s face has been sculpted with needle-felting techniques, her eyes embroidered and her flreckles painted with archival ink. Hedwig’s hair is made of camel weft, is curly and very long.

She comes wearing a cotton navy-and-white gingham top (t has the cutest little detail on the back, more pics another day). A Liberty of London skirt with elastic waist. Cute little blue socks and pink underwear. Her mayjanes are sewn with cotton velour. 

Hedwig comes wearing a little linen kerchief and a tea cardigan made of wool. Pockets help. Always.

Hedwig loves to collect flowers and squish them flat in heavy books. We tried giving her a flower press but she wasn’t impressed. She hopes she can find a kindred soul, who not only welcomes her eccentricities but perhaps furthers them a bit wilder. She is suitable for play for children 6+.


Hedwig, listens to the sounds of frogs by the pond. By Fig and Me.

Hedwig loves fireflies and hedgehogs,  purring kittens and loud ducks. She likes to sit under trees to sip lemonade, and when the afternoon is chilly she sure loves a cup of tea. She welcomes honey as sweetener, and won’t say no to dollops of coconut cream on her biscuits. If you add a couple of wild strawberries or even a fancy raspberry she will love you more for it.

Hedwig’s favourite thing in the world is the blooming elder. She bottles their blooms and sniffs at them every chance she gets. I hope you found room in your heart and home for her wise old soul.

Hedwig is ready to find a family today. If you want to welcome her, please enter your name and details in the form below. Her price is $1200 USD, $45 shipping to the US and Canada, $65 International. Only one entry per household please, and no entering on behalf of somebody else. She will receive entries until tonight at 10 PM EST. After this, we will close the form and select a person at random to buy her and send a paypal invoice. Payment is due then.


My sweetest Hedwig. A natural doll by Fig and Me. 

Thank you for coming to read about sweet Hedwig. While we had set out her fabrics of choice a long time ago, Hedwig did surprise me with her sweetness, her penchant for flower arrangement and that awfully tender face of hers.  I hope both Hedwig and Dagmar find the most lovely homes. You can enter for both, but you have to enter each form. Read on and please check back tonight!.

Baby Maia says hi.

Baby Maia says hi.

Dagmar, the aspiring painter.

Dagmar, the aspiring painter.