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Celestina Bobina, a natural fiber art doll ready for play.

Celestina made her peace with wearing clothes, and she decided on a wonderful wardrobe. I hope you enjoy reading these snippets about her personality.

Celestina, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and me. 

After what seemed like a whole week without wanting to wear any clothes, coaxing her and showing her the many fabrics and yarns at her disposal, Celestina finally made her choice. She said she liked the little berries on the top, because they reminded her of the fatty ones on all the rowan trees outside, as well as the basket full of apples on the counter. 

Celestina, pensive in the garden. Natural fiber art doll by Fig and me.

Celestina, hiding among the chinese lanterns, hoping to surprise an unsuspecting duck. By Fig and me.

Celestina, a natural fiber art doll, sitting on the garden fence (via Fig and Me).

Then she said she wanted to learn how to make her hair into wee braids, so I taught her. Her chubby fingers had a bit of trouble weaving the braids, and she is more of an expert weaving the left braid than the right, which she always weaves a bit too high and a bit too floppy. I explained to her it's because she tilts her head when she does it, but she pays no attention and keeps doing it that way, resulting in the most adorable hairdo I have seen so far. If you don't believe me, just look below.

Celestina, trying hard to listen to braiding instructions, via Fig and Me.

Celestina kept losing her little fabric ribbon, while playing in the over-run garden. By Fig and Me.

Celestina found her ribbon, via Fig and Me.

We played in the garden, which is going to sleep very soon, and Celestina kept losing her little ribbon. We finally found it next to the kale, and I showed her how to weave the little ribbon while she made her braids, so that it wouldn't slip off and her braids came undone. I think Celestina was very proud of learning to do her hair, and she will tell you all about it when you get to meet her. She is very eager to show you how to do it "properly" she says.

Celestina wears a little cotton chenille collar, to keep her chubby cheeks warm when it gets chilly. By Fig and Me.

Celestina inspecting the peppers, by Fig and me.

Celestina wearing her little red bonnet, by Fig and me.

She started by telling me how she liked her red bonnet, because then she could play "Little Red Riding Hood" and take sweets to Grandma through the deep dark woods. She also mentioned she loves her soft little collar, as it keeps her warm when the north wind tries to bite her cheeks. I can't really blame the north wind, as I tried to bite her a few times.

 Celestina (a natural fiber art doll) with her wooly socks and velour strap shoes, by Fig and me.

Celestina (a natural fiber art doll) with her wooly socks and velour strap shoes, by Fig and me.

As you can see, Celestina loves to tell you "stories". She makes a big deal of explaining little details, like why the leaves are turning yellow ("becuz dem yellow fairies paint dem all at night-night"), or why she loves her little wooly socks ("becuz dey match my skirt! and keep my little feet very warm on walks"). If you keep asking, she'll tell you. And if you don't ask her nothing, she will still tell you. I think Celestina requires someone extremely patient for this kind of storytelling, a family that can keep her curiosity alive and can take time to explain her all the things she asks. If you are such kind soul, please consider her offering your home to her. 

Celestina is a natural fiber art doll (a term that a group of doll makers has recently decided to start using to "define" our work) almost 20" tall. She is made with cotton interlock (sunkissed shade) and stuffed very firmly with wool. She has a wool-sculpted face and design details particular to my Figlette style, which resemble a 5 to 6 year old. She has mohair weft, sewn to a wool cap and embroidered facial features (with a few nose freckles!). Celestina wears cotton undies, Liberty of London classic top (which I tea-dyed to tone down the brightness, Celestina wanted slightly muted tones), a jean skirt, wooly socks, lined velour shoes, a cotton chenille collar and a wool bonnet. Celestina is recommended for a child 7+ or an adult doll collector. Her price is $975 USD plus postage ($50 to the US and Canada with tracking and insurance - International customers will need a revised quote based on preferred shipping method). If you would like to offer your home to this little firecracker, please fill your details in the form below. I will draw a name at random tonight at 7 PM EDT and payment is due then. 


Celestina, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and me.

Thank you so much for reading about my sweet Celestina. I hope she finds a good home tonight, and I hope whoever welcomes her really has the patience to listen to all those stories (and maybe helps her climb a fence or two!). See you all soon!.

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