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Harriet and her secret garden. A natural fiber art doll ready to play.

Harriet and her secret garden. A natural fiber art doll ready to play.

The next day Harriet woke up with a bit more enthusiasm. Snow almost melted, no more icy blankets on every single branch. She thought that with a bit of luck she could find the first of the brave wildflowers that grace our yard: the beautiful snowdrops. I caught her there, pondering the day ahead, still with flushed cheeks from her long sleep.

 Harriet, a natural fiber art doll  by Fig and Me.

Harriet, a natural fiber art doll  by Fig and Me.

“Come on Little Harriet, start getting dressed. We can bake something nourishing or we can read fairy tales, or maybe we can even play some board games if boredom strikes”.

“No. I want to go outside”.

“Well, unless you wear a plastic bag over yourself, that’s out of the question. It’s raining cats and dogs, as they say. And let me tell you, I’ll take fog and rain any day in Spring over ice and snow storms”.

Harriet, a natural fiber art doll in her cosy flannel pyjamas, with pearl snaps and peter pan collar. By Fig and Me.

Indignant and thunderous, the wispy imp decided to follow my lead and took off her cosy flannel jimjams. With a bit of relish, she started sorting out all her clothes in front of her, tangled hair aglow.


Harriet, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and me, in nothing but her cashmere under clothes.

What shall I wear? seemed to be the words etched on her soft and puffy lips. As a true visionary, I offered her the pink outfit. I happen to think Harriet looks precious in pink. But, as she tells me so often, it must have just a little bit of blue. Her favourite colour.

Harriet looks at the rain outside and doesn't like it. A natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.

Harriet, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and me. Wearing her Spring outfit.

Doll shoes, hand made with leather ties. For Harriet, a 20" figlette by Fig and Me.

So, on went the cotton top, with those tiny mother-of-pearl buttons that shine with pools of light. Her “forget-me-not” blue linen skirt, pink socks, brown shoes, and her bonnet. Oh, because all girls must have a trusty bonnet we say in this house.

Feeling a bit chilly with the short skirt and the summery top, Harriet decided to change again. This is something that happens quite often throughout the day. I think Harriet changes clothes at least four times, if not more. Laundry is not her forte, but she is stilllittle so it’s not a bother.

Harriet wearing her long linen dress, by Fig and Me.

Harriet changed into her long linen dress, the one with the tiny posies that she so loves. She likes it best because it has soft cashmere ribbing and it warms her wrists, she says. The dress was complimented with her favourite apron, the one with the tiny fluffy dots and ties at the back. Obviously, a change of socks was needed and matching shoes. Harriet doesn’t miss a beat! She might be little but she pays extreme attention to little details, reason why she is one of the best scouts when finding tiny acorns, a little seed or a small flower.

 Harriet, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me. Wearing her 'Secret Garden' poncho and her linen clothes.

Harriet, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me. Wearing her 'Secret Garden' poncho and her linen clothes.

Now, being the cumbersome and over-bearing mother I am, I asked her to wear her wool poncho, the one we designed together. Harriet loves flowers, and this particular lace design is called “Secret Garden”. So Harriet asked why, and I told her the story about Mary Lennox and how she discovered a key that led her to a secret, walled-up garden, where she learn much about nature: planting, caring for roses, a cheeky bird, making friends and discovering the truth about herself. Harriet does love her poncho, and even more so becomes it reminds her of the determination that children have to make a better world.

The Secret Garden, a wool poncho with beautiful lace detail. Part of Harriet's clothes, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.

Harriet in her linen clothes, by Fig and Me.

Little Harriet and her cashmere bow. By Fig and Me.

For these reasons, Harriet has decided to leave this home and find herself a family. She asks to be allowed to sleep in, as she is not a very eager morning person. She promises to eat all her supper, even if it has spicy peppers and to never leave muddy foot prints in the house (she makes no promises about her clothes though). Harriet comes with all the clothes pictured: 

  • long linen dress, with long sleeves and snaps on back. 
  • blue cashmere socks with cotton lace.
  • wool mary-janes with metal buttons.
  • linen pinafore, lined. Ties on back with cotton twill ribbon and has a mother of pearl button on front.
  • hand-knit wool poncho, with cosy ribbing to hug Harriet’s neck and cheeks.
  • cashmere hair bow with metal clip.
  • top and pants, cosy flannel pyjamas, with peter pan collar and pearl snaps on front.
  • pink cotton blouse, with short puffed sleeves, mother of pearl buttons and cotton tape. 
  • forget-me-not blue linen skirt with elastic waist.
  • cashmere underwear and knee-high socks in pink.
  • brown tie-up shoes with leather laces.
  • matching pink cashmere bonnet, with wooly ties and fancy pom-poms.

*all of Harriet’s clothes can be machine washed, but for longer life I recommend hand-washing and laid flat to dry.

Harriet is made with cotton and wool. Her head has been created with needle-felting techniques and her eyes embroidered with steel blue. Her hair is un-treated mohair weft, sewn to a cap made of brushable mohair. Her hair can only be finger-styled and the curls can be easily “crunched” with your fingers when they lose their oomph. She is a doll made with my Figlette pattern, an original design for a thin doll with sculpted bum, bony knees, long and lanky arms and legs, small feet, a wee neck and ears. The proportions of this pattern correspond to a 5 to 6 year old. Harriet is almost 20” tall and she is recommended for an older child, 7+ or an adult collector.

Little Harriet, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.

Harriet’s price is $1500 USD plus postage. Please enter your details in the form below if you are interested in bringing Harriet home. Shipping quotes to the US and Canada are $45, all other countries will need a revised quote. Canadian customers are subject to taxes. I am doing things a bit different today: if you feel up to making a higher offer for Harriet, please go ahead, I might be inclined to take it. I will leave the form open until tonight at 11 PM EST and select a person. I was going to auction Harriet but to be honest, auctions are extremely taxing on my nerves, and this way everybody can enter for her without the pressure to compete and I keep my sanity a little longer. Once a person is selected, you will be sent an email and a Paypal invoice (if I see you live across the Ocean, I will give you 10 hours to issue payment); if you live in North America, payment is due then.

—Little Harriet found a home. Thank you to everyone that offered theirs for her. Your support means the world to me. 

Thank you so much for coming to read about my little ray of sunshine. If you are entering for her, thank you again for your willingness to support the noble tradition of handmade toys and the work of my two hands. I will see you all later tonight.

Doll clothing, patterns and tutorials.

Doll clothing, patterns and tutorials.

Harriet, who had a fright.

Harriet, who had a fright.