Harriet, who had a fright.

“Time to get up Harriet, is almost noon! See what happens when you get up to play in the middle of the bloody night?”. No answer. 

Harriet, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me. Dolls made for play, to be friends, to tell stories to.

“Harriet, I am making porridge, with strawberries and honey and a little bit of butter, just like you like it!”. Stirrings under the blanket. 

“Harriet, look what I found! Two perfectly square slices of bread, and they are already dressed with butter and jam. Imagine that!”. Toes peep from under the blanket, trying to find the wooden floor. Still no head.

“Harriet, come and tell me your story. I want to hear, again, how you got your white hair.” Grumpy little girl, with sleepy eyes and rosy cheeks comes into the living room and gives me a very warm hug.

Harriet, a natural cloth doll made by Fig and Me. Wearing her linen dress and her messy curls.


“Told you already. It’s in-di-vi-dual.”


“Come on, Harriet. That doesn’t make sense. None at all.”


(Sighs) “Told you already. I got a fright, one spooky night, under the Full moon. The owls were out and I could see so many shadows dancing outside, and some even inside. And then, and then, then this happens! I think I got put under a spell or something because I just woke up like this, with white hair. I kinda like it!”.


“Oh, I like it too Harriet. Now wash your face and hands, let’s have some breakfast, shall we?”.

Little Harriet, a natural fiber art doll made by Fig and Me.

Little Harriet with her cashmere blue bow. Harriet is a natural doll, almost 20" tall, made by Fig and Me.

And so the day started for this little storyteller. A girl after my own heart.

Little Miss Harriet will become available in a few days. Details to be decided, as she just asked for another set of clothes, and I am finding a very hard time saying no to that sweet face. The plot thickens. Stay tuned!

PS. We were a little apprehensive using those white curls for Harriet, but she wouldn't have it any other way. What do you think? I think she looks like a kid that spends a lot of time under the Sun, doesn't she?.

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