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Miss Romy had a nap.

Sweet Romy likes to sleep surrounded by knitted toys and the odd doll I make. Truth be told, we like to spoil her and let her sleep as much as she wants to. After all, we need our beauty sleep, right Romy?.


Miss Romy

in her cotton pyjamas, being cute and all...

I think we can ascertain I have a thing for dolls with white hair. White pulled mohair at that.

Over the years I have made quite a few, like Mimi Marion and Raisa to be more precise, but traveling back in time then there is Birch, Aurora Borealis, Beluga, Coconut Sugar and Vanilla Bean, Cygnet, Feodora, Sigrún, Freyja and Mathildis and Anwen. Most definitely a thing for dolls with white hair. 

**If you click on all those links, I am going to take you down memory lane. A very beautiful trip, hope you enjoy it!. 

 Miss Romy, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.

Miss Romy, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.

Miss Romy playing with her toys, a custom natural fiber art doll by fig and me.

Doll clothing for Romy, by Fig and me.

And even though some are similar, none look the same. Take Romy for example, very girly, very sweet. Loves bows and flowers and bees. Plays pretend for hours on end, and likes to take many naps during the day. 

I do welcome said naps, as I am a busy dollmaker and it pays off to have the wool child sleeping while I hem her clothes, knit her shoes or make her extra treats. 

Romy has some of the storytelling disposition of Raisa, and none of the spunk of Mimi Marion. Thank God for that!.

Romy playing with her knitted toys, by Fig and Me.

Miss Romy, a 17" figlette, custom made, by Fig and Me.

Romy, about to take a nap. By fig and me.

I normally send my custom dolls with a gift of sorts. Some times it's a little doll to entertain them on their journey, and to arrive home with someone they already know and trust. 

Sometimes I make them an extra outfit, most likely pyjamas. I usually keep those outfits out of prying eyes, as a kind surprise to their mothers-to-be.

This time we decided to show her night clothes. We repurposed a cotton (brand-new fabrics) nightgown for this little girl, she asked for the envelope top and the bow to be left intact. So we did. We made her comfortable pants and it seems she is even more predisposed now to take lengthy naps.

At this rate, I am going to be able to send her home in no time. And good things, because the line-up of dolls in the studio is becoming worrying. Not to say the bickering has already started.

Romy, a sweet custom made art doll by Fig and Me.

But since things are still somewhat under control, we shall entertain Miss Romy a while longer. A few more things must be properly sewn, and then we can show her sweet mama what she's all about. Hang tight my dears, things are about to get cuter.

In the garden.

In the garden.

How to sew doll underwear, a free tutorial.

How to sew doll underwear, a free tutorial.