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Beluga, in love with Winter

As you can imagine Beluga loves to sing, pretty loud. She does have a beautiful voice but I thought I should "warn" you in case your family likes to keep things on the quiet side. She twitters, and whistles, and tra-la-las all day long. It is in her nature I guess, she is a very musical being. Beluga absolutely adores her sister Narwhal and the two of them play together all day, quite nicely, without too much argument or strife.

She really likes it when her family moves through the icebergs and the deep fjords. She also likes to play in the frozen tundra. You might think that given the conditions of the environment where she has grown, she wouldn't like to play outside that much. You are mistaken, as Beluga is happiest when she can be outside. Hearing the wind, tasting the snow, playing with the ice, the dogs and her sisters and brother. She comes from a place when whales, ptarmigans, narwhals, swans, seals, walruses, falcons, wolverines, squirrels, musk oxen, ravens, polar bears, wolves, snowy owls, caribou, snow geese and horned larks were plentiful. Now, not so much.

So she and her sisters have the necessary skills to survive in this harsh land, her mother and relatives, are teaching them how to sew and care for their clothing. No easy task when you work with materials that have a long process before you can actually use them, and all has to be done by hand. They all have an ulu (a bone knife used to scrape hides), and a sewing kit full of their needles (made of ivory). They are also learning to set traps and to trim the wick of their lamp (only source of heat and warmth). Little by little, Beluga and her sisters are learning more and more all the skills that they will need to have a bright future, and to be able to take care of themselves and their families.

Beluga is a natural doll, 16" tall, made with cotton and stuffed firmly with wool, her hair is made of mohair. She was made inspired by the long canadian winters and the Inuit culture. Beluga is wearing a chenille cotton cape, trimmed organically with fur. A vintage linen cross-over top, trimmed with linen lace  and a pair of velour pants. She has a pair of mukluks made with bamboo canvas and trimmed with fur. Her hat is wet felted wool, edged with silk and decorated with two beautiful deer antler buttons. Beluga also comes with a long dress made of cotton, with super puffy sleeves and bound cuffs, and a pair of linen bloomers (not photographed) complete this extra set of clothes. Beluga is $325 USD plus shipping. Please leave a comment with your name and email address so I can contact you if you are chosen to purchase Beluga. Good luck!!

Narwhal, a winter lover

Polaris, with Winter Spirit