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Narwhal, a winter lover

Oh dear Narwhal, with those big grey eyes of yours, you have given me much inspiration and a lot of joy. Narwhal is a special doll created while inspired by the long canadian winters and the Inuit culture. Narwhal loves to play with her little sister Beluga, and they seem to have a lot in common. While Beluga chants all day, Narwhal loves to create dance moves and twirls around the room in response to her sister's songs. She finds much joy in mundane tasks like cleaning and sewing, and really cherishes the winter time, when her family has to spend much time indoors.

She loves to play through the tunnels her family has built to communicate their igloos. She likes to play with Seal and sometimes teases him about him not being able to go out in the kayak just yet. Mostly she leaves him alone, as Seal is such a good little boy, that she feels sometimes a little bad for teasing him. But what can you do, after all they are brother and sister and bound to have this kind of interaction.

Narwhal loves to remove the ice form their clothing when anybody comes inside the house, and to check it thoroughly for wear or damage. Alongside her mother, she mends and repairs everything, while the clothing is still wet, so that the seams are watertight in the morning. She helps Polaris to make bags, but she also likes to make necklaces. In the summers she likes to chew gum made of willow carking and seal oil. Apparently quite the treat.

Narwhal is a natural doll, 16" tall, made with cotton and stuffed firmly with wool, her hair is made of mohair. She is wearing a chenille cotton cape, trimmed organically with fur. A white bamboo/linen cross-over top, trimmed with vintage lace  and a pair of velour pants (not photographed). She has a pair of mukluks made with bamboo canvas and trimmed with fur. Her hat is wet felted wool, edged with wool and decorated with two beautiful caribou buttons. Narwhal comes with an extra set of clothing, a long dress made of cotton, with super puffy sleeves and bound cuffs, a big attached apron trimmed with ric rac, and a pair of cotton bloomers (the polka dot ones she is wearing in the photos). Narwhal is $325 USD plus shipping. Please leave a comment with your name and email address so I can contact you if you are chosen to purchase Narwhal. Good luck!!

So happy.

Beluga, in love with Winter